19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Korean cinema has long been praised for its ability to dive into the most gruesome aspects of the human experience, and this is certainly the case when examining the gloomy existence of serial killers.

These films, which range from thrilling thrillers to psychologically compelling stories, give viewers a peek inside the heads of both hunters and hunted, keeping them on the edge of their seats right up until the very last moment.

Best  Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

APT (2006)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

You might want to discover a serial killer movie that is more than thrilling. Well, here is the one. APT is not only a thriller. It has penetrated the definition of a dark movie and entered its new territory. Horror visual and psycho killer will make your pulse go loud and fast.

A lonely killer stares at the high-rise apartment, drawing deaths. Every night at 9:56 (exact time), the light goes off in an apartment. The mystery remains as to who is actually behind all these murders. Is it the man in the wheelchair or a girl with an itchy past? 

The movie’s unique and original plot will fixate you till the end. Watch all the best Korean serial killer movies and enjoy.

The Chase (2017)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

The chase starts with some humor. A rude landlord is hated by everyone in the town, followed by a series of resentful murders. The film starts picking up a rhythm, evicting an unsettling experience. When a women

You will enjoy its haunting cinematic experience. What impressed me most about this film was its twists and turns along the story. It was never off track. The Chase will make you think about the ending till it ends. It has a superb screenplay and acting, transcending the definition of ordinary thrillers.

Blood Rain (2005)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Set on an island (1808 Corea), Kim Daeseung’s Blood Rain exceeds the boundaries of conventional storytelling. A detective named Wong Gyu is sent to the island to investigate the series of murders. The issue is not how many people die but the method used to kill them is provocative. 

This movie is a true definition of merciless killing. With dark visuals, a blood-thirsty killer, and a thought-provoking ending, Blood Rain has it all. Get ready for a compulsive but highly pulsating experience. 

Blind (2011)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Blind is the story of a blind woman (Su-a) with extraordinary sensory receptors. Meaning she sees with her other four senses. Su-a loses her vision in a car accident. A couple of years later, she hits a woman with her car. Upon investigation, police find out about her unique skills. Su-a then works with the police department in search of a vicious killer. 

Blind is a perfect example of unique and intriguing storytelling. With a perfect blend of thrill and supernatural, Blind looks to deliver a strong narrative punch, luring you to the edge of your seat.

Fatal Intuition (2015)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Fatal Intuition is said to be inspired by a real story from 1991. After his sister is murdered, Jang-Woo rebels against a serial killer. There isn’t enough evidence to catch the culprit. After all hopes seem lost, Jang-Woo meets a woman, who acts as a medium between him and the killer.

Yoo Hae-Jin played such an excellent role that his career greatly increased after this film. The film sets an emotional tone because of the fascinating character delivery. Blends of supernatural and thriller make this movie a fresh watch. Overall, everything in this movie is balanced. Emotional narratives make the watch worth it. 

The Deal (2015)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Directed by Son Yongho, The Deal’ delivers a decent but satisfactory horror experience. What makes serial killer movies great is the depth added to the characters. This film furnishes character details to the finest.

The plot revolves around a detective, who seeks revenge against a suspected serial killer who murdered his loved ones.

The Deal embraces the detective sides of the story with blends of horrifying revenge. What makes the storyline even more intimidating is its suspense. The first half of the film is remarkable. The Second half of the movie changes directions. But you will find fresh elements. The movie is short but has intimidating wow moments. 

I Saw The Devil (2010)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

What are you doing if you haven’t watched one of the most iconic movies of the genre?  I saw The Devil is an invincible film. “Modern Masterpiece”. It’s not me who is coining it. It’s the fans. Some may even not be able to watch it more than once. Full of horrifying scenes and violence that may look too realistic. There is a scene where the killer is seen eating raw flesh. 

The role of Kyung-Chul (Choi Min-Sik) stands out as one of the greatest performances in serial killer movies. The story starts slashing your pulses after he viciously murders the wife of the main character, Kim Soo-Hyun (Lee Byung Hun). Stop scrolling and watch this movie. Now!

The Wailing (2016)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Imagine you just consumed a slow-killing poison and you have 24 hours to rewind your whole life. The wailing is that slow poison. The film slowly eats you like flesh-eating parasites. No, it does not end here. Even after the ending, it will force you to rewind its ambiguous storyline.

The movie has an exalted cast, nerve-wracking background music, and catastrophic moments. There are enough twists to make you hooked till the very end. It starts like a zombie film but takes a significant twist later. Demons? Possession? Paranormal? Or is there something else hidden inside the serial killer? Well, you need to watch it till the end to find out.

Memories Of Murder (2003)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Often regarded as one of the greatest Korean thrillers, Memories of Murder offers a menacing experience. Directed by Bong-Joon Ho, it is based on a true story from 1996. A nerve-wracking incident occurs in a small Korean province where several women are Grisly raped and murdered. Detectives Park Doo-Man(Kang-Ho song) and Cho Yong-Koo(Kim Roi-Ha) try to uncover the incident.

Memories of Murder will resonate with the incident as if it is happening in front of your own eyes. Its claustrophobic themes are ineffable. Everything in this movie is furnished to make it look authentic. It’s one of the greatest serial killer movies. 

OldBoy (2013)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Oldboy could send alarming signals to your heart pulses. This movie is not for the faint of heart. No country can produce a film like Oldboy other than Korea. It marked history in Korean cinema as the world bowed down to this masterpiece. With mindfully aligned plots till the jaw-dropping ending, Oldboy delivers in every department. The ending is sure to leave you with Melancholy. You will cry, smile, hate, and love the main character throughout.

Oldboy’s plot delves into unpredictable character development. A man, after several years, finds himself locked inside four walls. Before setting free, expensive clothes and money are provided to him. He now has to find the culprit but discovers darker prominence. There aren’t many movies like Oldboy, not only in Korean cinema but the whole film industry. Cinematic Brilliance!!

Bedevilled (2010)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Jang Cheol-soo directed Bedevilled, which starred the likes of Min-ho Hwang and Hwang Geum-Hee. The film grips you in the emotional predicament of a young lady who seeks revenge against her old friend. After enduring continuous bullying and trauma for several years, her cage of persistence is finally broken. 

The plot seems simple and predictable but can add flavors like every other thriller. The first 40 minutes are quite slow as it’s building up to something remarkable. The remaining half of the movie is diabolical. Not everyone’s cup of tea but if you are a fan of Korean serial killer movies, this one’s a must-watch. My suggestion for you is this. Do not watch this movie before sunset or it will ruin your day.

Lady Vengeance (2005)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Chan Wook-Park gave us an awe-inspiring movie like ‘Oldboy’ and “Sympathy Vengeance”. To complete the trilogy, he comes with a Soul-stirring movie, “Lady Vengeance”. Wrongly accused of murdering a young boy, Geum-Ja-Lee (Lee-Yeong Ae) is freed after spending 13 years in prison. She starts planning to kill a school teacher, who is responsible for her confinement.

There is no concern that viewers will be infatuated by the mixture of dark comedy and riveting visuals of the film. Chan Wook-Park made a statement with his ability to underline spiritual tones in his works. It is sure to leave you with a profound effect. Not my recommendation if you are sensitive to child violence.  

No Mercy (2010)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

No Mercy is an impactful movie that resonates with Korean thrillers at its very best. This  Kim Hyeong-jun-directed movie examines the wrestles around a pathologist. His daughter is kidnapped by a meticulous killer. The performance of Ryoo Seung-bum (Serial killer) is stimulating. His work looks realistic and compelling. 

Its acute storyline and surprise ending are engrossing. But the film aims to make you sad and shocked. Not an ending one would like it to be and that’s the speciality of this movie. Have enough courage to accept atrocious things that will take you by storm. 

Midnight (2021)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

A deaf woman (Jin-Ki-Joo) sees a horrific crime and is mercilessly chased down by a serial killer. Her portrayal of deaf women and attitude towards the killer is bone-chilling. Every character has given life to their role. Even more, gripping is the character delivery of Wi-Ha-Joon, who has played the killer’s role. 

 Despite being deaf, you will be surprised to see Jin-Ki-Joo’s meticulous acting. From the screenplay and storyline, the movie will hook you to the end. The rating of this movie does not justify its excellency. No regrets after watching this masterfully crafted ‘3-men chase’. 

Children (2011)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

True story from  1991, five children from South Korea disappear mysteriously.  Investigation takes place, in detest of media outlets that go too far. The movie gives fresh visuals of the 90s environment. 

It sets a vicious tone of the atrocious character also generating sympathy for the victims, regarding the fact that it is based on a true story. Children is an unsolved murder mystery. A heartfelt incident, tragic and enthralling. There is also a documentary of this case, “The Frog Boys”. You can get additional details if you find it interesting. 

Rainbow Eyes (2007)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Directed by KimHyeong-Jin, Rainbow Eyes is a cluster of violence and blood. Kyeong Yoon and Eun Ju start dissecting the fiendish murder of a wealthy businessman. They find that the cold-blooded psycho-killer has sliced 20 times through the victim’s skin. A series of murders start taking place soon after. The only evidence two investigators have is the killer’s hair.

Interestingly, the movie takes you on the journey of a mysterious killer. Not knowing who the suspect is, it cripples viewers experience with entangled plot twists. The pacing makes it an entertaining watch. Dialogues of the film play a role in revealing important plot points.

Missing You (2016)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

A must-watch movie for fans of Korean serial killer thrillers. Like any other serial killer movie, it explores similar themes to most Korean thrillers. It explored the story through investigation and revenge. 

Known for its fierce background tone, it also prevails on ingenious character detail. For me the climax was staggering. Every actor has given an extraordinary presentation for their role. This is one of the finest movies in the genre. 

24 Hours to Die (2008)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Surprisingly unique and authentic movie for the serial killer genre. This movie is an insidious version of the squid game. As soon as a dangerous game of survival begins, 12 individuals battle to stay alive to receive a cure from a lethal virus. It is known for its ruthless riddles emphasizing more on diabolic devotion. 

Stephen Patrick Kenny should have done a better job directing this film. Not for viewers who are new to the Korean serial killer genre but still, the movie’s intricate structure makes it a fresh watch.

The Five (2013)

19 Best Korean Serial Killer Movies on the Web

Black garbage bags with scattered body parts start to mysteriously appear in the city. Killer’s identity and motives remain a mystery until investigators find out the incident is far too sinister. This epic investigation thriller adds a dark contrast to its theme.

 With deep hidden meaning, the film strikes the fundamentals of criminal minds. The film also delves into issues like voyeurism. Its phenomenal screenplay will keep the mystery till the end. The tight and tremendous plot twist (you won’t see coming) makes this a noble movie. 

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