17 Best Movies like Fireproof That Ignitine Your Passion for Love and Faith

Movies like Fireproof

Fireproof is a powerful movie that takes you on the cinematic journey of Caleb Holt and his family. It explores the struggling couple that is on the verge of giving up. But Caleb enrolls in a 40-day challenge that gives him perspective in this life about love, marriage, and god.

This movie teaches you about the resilience of love, not giving up on a loved one, and the importance of a second chance. It offers you an entertaining movie with great messages that you will need in your day-to-day life.

If you want such powerful and immersive movies about love, faith, and forgiveness that give you a rush of positivity then you need to watch this movie. We have handpicked the best movies like Fireproof that you need to watch right now.

Movies like Fireproof

War Room (2015)

movies like fireproof
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Priscilla Shirer, T.C. Stallings, Karen Abercrombie, Alex Kendrick, Michael Jr.
  • Time:120 minutes

War Room tells the story of Jordans going through a rough patch in their marriage. Once a complete and beautiful family with a beautiful daughter is now a crumbling family with fight and bitterness. It all started when Alex was involved in infidelity and his wife knew that.

An elderly woman comes into the life of Elizabeth Jordon and teaches her the power of prayers, faith, and how to share pure love with loads of devotion and happiness. So, the woman also told her about praying and how it can help her marriage. 

The Vow (2012)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Michael Sucsy
  • Actors: Rachel McAdams, Channing Tatum, Sam Neill, Scott Speedman, Jessica Lange
  • Time:104 minutes

Inspired by the true story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter, The Vow tells the inspiring and heartwarming story of the love and perseverance of a young couple Paige and Leo. A wonderful couple’s happiness and love was shortlived after they met a car accident. Paige was severely injured and she suffered from amnesia.

Leo does everything to make her believe in herself now and return her memory. But his initial effort goes in vain. As they spend time together, she now starts to develop new feelings for Leo. Similarly, various problems on top of that are causing problems in their relationship.

Courageous (2011)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes, Ben Davies
  • Time:130 minutes

Courageous explores the life of courageous, confident, and focused law enforcement officers. They all are family men who respect and love their families very much. But when tragedy strikes at home, they struggle with faith and the power of god.

Each of these people is battling through through own personal reasons so they decide to take a break from the job and spend time with family. Similarly, they find themselves believing in god and the power of faith and its impact on life. 

No Greater Love(2010)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Brad J. Silverman
  • Actors: Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti, Jay Underwood
  • Time:109 minutes

The story follows the once beautiful couple with a young son. They were madly in love but one day husband left his wife and son. He leaves his wife to raise the child alone. But ten years later, they see each other again through a God-ordained encounter. 

They decide to confront their past and all the suffering they give each other. They navigate to rekindle their relationship knowing they will go through various challenges and resolve their past so they can happily live their life. 

Until Forever(2016)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Michael Linn
  • Actors: Stephen Anthony Bailey, Madison Lawlor
  • Time:100 minutes

Until Forever is a romantic drama movie that tells the heartwarming story of a beautiful boy and his long girlfriend. Although he was diagnosed with Leukemia and has a very short time to live, he decides to marry a girl in his life.

They two share one of the most important and beautiful brief times with each other. And this movie shows you the challenges and the crumbling life of a young boy.

Facing the Giants (2006)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director:Michael O. Sajbel
  • Actors: Drew Fuller, Bill Cobbs, Lee Meriwether, Ali Hillis, Abigail Breslin, Brian Dennehy,James Garner
  • Time:117 minutes

Facing the Giants is a Christian drama movie that tells the heartwarming story of a high school coach whose relentless trust in faith and the power of prayers helps his football team win the trophy. After he discovers the power of faith, he gives knowledge about this to the players and staff which gives them confidence and courage to face the giants. 

He challenges his players to believe in themselves and god to do the impossible. He told them to believe in god on and off the field. 

The Encounter (2010)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: David A. R. White
  • Actors: Bruce Marchiano, Steve “Sting” Borden, Jaci Velasquez, Jamie Nieto, Danah Davis, Madison Gibney, Kass Connors
  • Time:85 minutes

People from different backgrounds and walks of life are stranded at the diner after there is a problem on the road. Hungry, they ask the manager of the hotel to bring food. While talking to him it seems that the ominous manager seems to know too well about all of the people there.

The five people include a callous businessman, an unhappily married couple, a desperate runaway, and a solitary woman. They all have issues and problems in their life as they have hardships and struggles. When they share their life story, the manager gives them all the support, the faith and encourages them.

Preacher’s Kid(2010)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Stan Foster
  • Actors: LeToya Luckett, Rae’Ven Larrymore Kelly, Kiki Sheard, Durrell Babbs, Clifton Powell, Gregory Alan Williams, Sharif Atkins, Trey Songz, Tammy Townsend, Essence Atkins, Ella Joyce
  • Time:110 minutes

Preacher’s Kid is a story about Angie King, a preacher’s daughter fed up with her isolation. She eagerly seeks a gospel choir under the direction of the charming Devlin Mitchell in the hopes of finding adventure. Angie encounters heartbreak and temptation while traveling with the choir, particularly because of her complicated relationship with Devlin.

She eventually makes her way back home, having learned that keeping loyal to her principles and self is the key to finding true fulfillment. The movie offers a sympathetic and poignant story of choosing one’s route in life by delving into themes of faith, identity, and the difficulties of growing up in a religious society via Angie’s journey.

Faith Like Potatoes (2006)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Regardt van den Bergh
  • Actors: Frank Rautenbach,Jeanne Wilhelm,Hamilton Dhlamini,Sean Michael
  • Time:116 minutes

Faith Like Potatoes tells the story of a Scottish farmer who moves with his family from Zambia to South Africa. The Buchans struggle to live there and settle in the new homeland. They face various challenges, hardships, and personal turmoils.

They join the local church and they surrender their life to lord Jesus Christ. The family’s outlook since that changed and they find the supernatural occurrence in their life. Their life changes in a good way.

To the Wonder (2012)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Terrence Malick
  • Actors: Ben Affleck,Olga Kurylenko,Rachel McAdams,Javier Bardem
  • Time:112 minutes

To the Wonder follows the journey of American Neil and French single mother Marina through the intricacies of love. Neil decides to move Marina and her daughter to Oklahoma as a result of their intense romance. 

However, their relationship is plagued by communication problems and cultural divides. Tension increases when Neil gets back in touch with Jane, a past romantic partner. Through surreal scenes and beautiful images, the film examines themes of love, religion, and the fleeting nature of human connections.

Love Comes Softly (2003)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Cindy Kelly
  • Actors: Katherine Heigl, Dale Midkiff, Skye McCole Bartusiak, Corbin Bernsen, Theresa Russell, Oliver Macready
  • Time:88 minutes

Loves Comes Softly tells a tragic and influential story that explores the life of a young woman who moves out to the West with her husband. But due to the tragic incident, her husband died, leaving her and her unborn child alone.

But with time she learns to live alone and her life makes a drastic change when she meets a windowed man with a daughter. These two broken hearts try to build a life together where they confront personal battles and challenges.

A Walk in the Clouds (1995)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director:Alfonso Arau
  • Actors:Keanu Reeves,Aitana Sánchez-Gijón,Anthony Quinn,Giancarlo Giannini
  • Time:102 minutes

A Walk in the Clouds is a remake of the Italian movie Four Steps in the Clouds that beautifully tells the story of a soldier who returns to his town from World War II. He poses as the long-lost husband of the pregnant woman. The woman lives under her father who has anger issues.

As they live together and spend time together, they find feelings for each other. But the fact that the soldier is not her real husband makes the relationship complicated. Will they live together or not?

October Baby(2012)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: The Erwin Brothers
  • Actors: Rachel Hendrix, Jason Burkey, Jasmine Guy, John Schneider
  • Time:107 minutes

Hannah, a recent college graduate, passes out on stage during a play at the beginning of the movie. Her doctor subsequently informs her that she lived through a late-term abortion. She is shocked to learn that her parents have been lying to her. She arranges a road trip to meet her birth mother with pals to find out more. 

They stop in Baton Rouge, the birth mother’s hometown, on their journey. However, as it happens, her biological mother suffered greatly as a result of a failed abortion. Hannah faces an identity crisis while traveling and runs with former acquaintances including her estranged biological mother and the nurse who carried out the abortion.

Not Easily Broken (2009)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Bill Duke
  • Actors: Morris Chestnut, Taraji P. Henson, Kevin Hart, Jenifer Lewis, Maeve Quinlan, Wood Harris
  • Time:99 minutes

Not Easily Broken tells a story about Dave and Clarice, a married couple experiencing difficult times in their marriage. Clarice’s aspirations conflict with Dave’s prosperous work, and her automobile accident exacerbates the situation. Family and friends add to the difficulty by giving contradictory opinions. 

The movie looks at the difficulties in communicating and the perseverance required to get things done. It’s a tale of love, reconciliation, and the quest to reevaluate what counts in a partnership

Flywheel (2003)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Alex Kendrick, Lisa Arnold, Tracy Goode
  • Time:120 minutes

Flywheel explores the life of a liar who manipulates people with his lies and wit to sell used cars. He works around his charms and communication skills to charge more than it deserves to the unsuspecting customers.

His life turns around when he is confronted by his family and the people in the community about his life and his cunning behaviors. He realizes his mistakes and he wants to mend his reputation and find solace and comfort in Christianity.

The Last Sin Eater(2007)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director: Michael Landon Jr.
  • Actors: Liana Liberato, Louise Fletcher, Henry Thomas
  • Time:117 minutes

The protagonist of The Last Sin Eater is a girl named Cadi who believes she killed her sister. To escape her shame, she looks for the Sin Eater. She meets Brogan on the road, who offers her assistance. 

They discover details about the Sin Eater and their community. Cadi gains knowledge about accepting responsibility and forgiving others through their voyage. The tale demonstrates how we can recover by forgiving both ourselves and other people.

The Book of Daniel(2013)

Movies like Fireproof
  • Director:Anna Zielinski
  • Actors: Lance Henriksen,Robert Miano,Andrew Bongiorno
  • Time:90 minutes

Daniel and other are captured by Babylonians during their conquest of Jerusalem in 605 B.C. Daniel becomes a trusted advisor to King Nebuchadnezzar. He faces difficulties when he has to decide between obeying God and the king. 

Daniel remains devoted despite the threats. The turning point occurs when he is cast into a lion’s den for disobeying the king. But God steps in and saves him.

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