19 Best Movies like War Room for Inspirational and Faith

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War Room is an important movie that excels in its portrayal of spiritual warfare and the power of prayer. It is a faith-based movie that everyone needs to watch as it offers positivity, entertainment, and powerful lessons that stay with you even after the credit rolls. It teaches you about forgiveness, prayer, love, and power for family and marriage.

Do you want to have a rush of positivity and get entertained at the same time then you need to watch this movie. These are the best 19 movies like War Room that deal with forgiveness, the power of faith, prayer, and the power of life and love. 

Movies like War Room

Faith Like Potatoes(2006)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Regardt van den Bergh
  • Actors: Frank Rautenbach,Jeanne Wilhelm,Hamilton Dhlamini,Sean Michael
  • Time:121 minutes

The movie revolves around a Zambian farmer who leaves his farm due to political problems and reforms. He moved to South Africa with his family and settled in a small village. The family suffers from various challenges, personal turmoil, and struggles settling in the village.

They decide to attend the Church nearby. The teachings and lessons of the Church make him give his life to Jesus Christ. Soon, their outlook on life changes, and experience supernatural occurrences. With faith and prayer, he successfully harvests potatoes despite the severe drought.

The Grace Card(2011)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: David Evans
  • Actors: Louis Gossett Jr., Michael Jeffrey Joiner, Michael Higgenbottom, Stephen Dervan
  • Time:121 minutes

A father lost his son in an accident. Because of the pain and suffering, his love is eroded and he has lost his faith in life and god. His anger is damaging his career in the police department. The connection with his living son is almost gone and arguing with his wife is a new task he does every day. 

In the police department, he partners with Sam who is a rising star in the police force and he is also a part-time pastor. The movie explores the life of these two different men going through different parts of life. They learn about forgiveness and how to live a better life with faith and courage.

A matter of Faith(2016)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Rich Christiano
  • Actors: Jordan Trovillion, Jay Pickett, Chandler Macocha, Barrett Carnahan, Clarence Gilyard, Harry Anderson
  • Time:121 minutes

The life and philosophy for life of Rachel change drastically after she understands the concepts of evolution. She is a biology who has instated Christian faith but her idea of religion changes. So, seeing the dramatic change in her, her father challenges the professor who teaches evolution to defend creationism.

The movie selflessly gives the characters two different personalities and two opinions on evolution. So, there is an opinion that the director tries to instate rather than leave it to the audience to make their own opinion.  


Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Ken Bevel
  • Time:122 minutes

A reputed and influential firefighter is a crowned prince in the community but his marriage is falling apart. His wife, Catherine feels unloved and unwanted as he is solely focused on his career and his life. Seeing that, Caleb’s father suggested attempting ‘The Love Dare’. It is a 40-day challenge to reconcile the broken relationship.

Going through the challenge, he begins to see life, and relationships in a different way. He now starts to prioritize the relationship with his wife but still, there are other complications that he needs to manage.

Do you Believe? (2015)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Jonathan M. Gunn
  • Actors: Mira Sorvino, Sean Astin, Alexa PenaVega, Ted McGinley, Cybill Shepherd
  • Time:115 minutes

The movie explores the lives of different people who are going through different phases of life but they are connected by their struggle with their failing faith. We see the lives of a teenage pregnant runaway, a crunch janitor, a suicidal woman, and other people.

Immersive into this beautiful movie that explores the lives of beautiful people who are starting to believe in god and how their lives connect as they find the power of faith.

Old Fashioned(2015)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director:Old Fashioned(2015)
  • Actors:Elizabeth Ann Roberts,Rik Swartzwelder,LeJon Woods,Tyler Hollinger,Nini Hadjis
  • Time:115 minutes

A party animal man whose whole life was a party, alcohol, and girls has turned his life around. Now, he believes in love and marriage. So, he opens the antique store and free-spirited girl movies in the apartment just above the shop.

They start to know each other and have conversations about life and love but he is a little hesitant and closed. But eventually, they date and work through differences and problems. They face various difficulties as the foundation of the relationship is faith-based. 


Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes, Ben Davies
  • Time:130 minutes

Adam Mitchell is a great police officer who is trying his best to balance his professional and personal life. His wife is expecting their fourth child so he wants to be there for his wife and upcoming baby. Adam is trying to best to navigate his life.

Adam meets other three policemen who are also going through their battle and they are struggling with various crises. So, with their shared experience and support, they help each other and learn about the power of faith, family, and forgiveness.

Miracles from Heaven (2016)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director:Patricia Riggen
  • Actors: Jennifer Garner, Kylie Rogers, Martin Henderson, John Carroll Lynch, Eugenio Derbez, Queen Latifah
  • Time:109 minutes

Miracles for Heaven is a story of the Bean family. A wife and husband with their three daughters share their home. Among the daughters, Anna is the smartest and most talented she is into books and someday wants to go to Paris. But this cute family happiness is short-lived as Anna suffers from a rare interstitial disorder.

They go to every doctor possible and seek any medical help they find but the doctor are unable to find a cure. So, they find themselves to find comfort in faith and prayer. In this process,  they lost faith in god but the will to make their precious child live kept them going. 

The Case for Christ (2017)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Jon Gunn
  • Actors: Mike Vogel, Erika Christensen, Frankie Faison, Faye Dunaway, Robert Forster
  • Time:113 minutes

The Case for Christ is a true story of Lee Strobel who rebels against the idea presence of God and their followers. When his wife finds solace in Christianity, he is very skeptical of her newly attained faith in god.

So he set to investigate the roots of Christianity, the curious case of Jesus Christ. In this process, he researches all about Christianity and makes a case. But as he searches deeper, he evaluates his contractions and assumptions  

Facing the Giants (2006)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Alex Kendrick, Shannen Fields, Tracy Goode, James Blackwell, Bailey Cave, Jim McBride, Jason McLeod
  • Time:111 minutes

The movie revolves around the undying faith, courage, confidence, and sheer motivations of Coach Grant Taylor and his high school football team. Taylor’s team is always struggling and winning was almost impossible with that team.

The father is planning to sack him as a head coach. On top of that, various personal issues are going on in his life. So, he searches for the bigger purpose of his life and his football team. He teaches the players about the purpose and the power of god. So, with courage and faith, they step on the field.

Flywheel (2003)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Alex Kendrick, Lisa Arnold, Tracy Goode
  • Time:120 minutes

Flywheel takes the story of a liar and a manipulative secondhand car salesman who finds a way to sell any cars to any customers with a lie. But eventually, everyone knows about his personality, and all the lies he tells are exposed.

So, now he questions his lie and the dishonesty. He also condemns his doings have affected his family. He wants to turn around his life as he devours his life, and business to God’s hand. Will he ever turn his life around?

The Encounter (2010)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: David A. R. White
  • Actors: Bruce Marchiano, Steve “Sting” Borden, Jaci Velasquez, Jamie Nieto, Danah Davis, Madison Gibney, Kass Connors
  • Time:85 minutes

The Encounter is a beautiful movie about five strangers who are stranded at a remote roadside dinner. A former NFL player, A married couple, a Christian and a woman running away from her father sit at the dinner. 

But interesting the owner seems to know them very well. He solves their issues, tells them about the life and struggles of life, and tells them about the forgiveness and power of faith. But who is he?

Saved by Grace (2016)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Johnny Remo
  • Actors: Joey Lawrence, Catalina Rodriguez, Muse Watson
  • Time:85 minutes

It is a heartful story of a retired police officer named Rick, who is struggling to cope with his family and his broken relationship with his father. He is suffering from great sadness and the loss of a family member so he wants to find a way to change his life and find happiness.

He takes the drastic decision to change his life and take a better path that leads him to the life he always wanted. In this journey, he meets a woman who teaches him the value of important things and makes him self-reflect.

In The Name of God (2013)

  • Director: Kevan Otto
  • Actors: Eric Roberts, Patrick Davis, John Ratzenberger
  • Time:86 minutes

A rebel teenager who has been in and out of foster care for years finally finds a beautiful home. A couple who recently lost a child adopted him and helped him to adjust in their him. But their son is reluctant about the decision of his parents to bring the child with such a reputation.

Over time, he begins to open up about his life, his struggle, and how he ended up in the foster care home. The family helped him, tried to heal him from his past, and taught him about forgiveness and faith.

Overcomer (2019)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Alex Kendrick
  • Actors: Alex Kendrick, Priscilla C. Shirer, Cameron Arnett, Shari Rigby, Aryn Wright-Thompson, Denise Armstrong, Jack Sterner
  • Time:115 minutes

Overcomer centers on John Harrison, a basketball coach. When the town’s main industry closes, he is asked to coach the cross-country team at his school. John first hesitates but ultimately decides to lend a hand.

John meets Hannah, a disturbed teenager when he is a coach. She is struggling at home and is unsure of her place in the group. John chooses to tutor her after realizing she has a rare quality. John and Hannah encounter numerous obstacles during their training sessions, including personal issues and injuries. 

Heaven Is for Real (2014)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Randall Wallace
  • Actors: Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Connor Corum, Margo Martindale, Thomas Haden Church
  • Time:99 minutes

Heaven Is for Real is about Colton Burpo, a little boy who gets sick and has surgery. During the surgery, Colton says he goes to Heaven and meets Jesus and the angels. He tells his family about his trip to Heaven. Colton talks about meeting people in Heaven, like his great-grandfather and his sister who died before she was born. 

 His descriptions are so clear that it’s hard to ignore. His story gets attention from the media and the church. His pastor dad finally believes and decides if he believes Colton and if he should tell others.

A Question of Faith(2017)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Kevan Otto
  • Actors: Richard T. Jones, Kim Fields, C. Thomas Howell, Jaci Velasquez, T.C. Stallings
  • Time:91 minutes

A Question of Faith tells the story of three different families who are going through their struggles and challenges in life. The story begins with the happy Taylor family who are the pillars of the community but one tragedy crumbles them. 

Similarly, we see the Daniels family whose faith is put to the test when Maria recklessly hits a 12-year-old boy while texting. The third family’s story is full of sorrow and grief as they lose their young daughter. Watch this life come together and find solace and peace in God and faith.

The Second Chance(2006)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Steve Taylor
  • Actors: Michael W. Smith, Jeff Obafemi Carr, J. Don Ferguson, Lisa Arrindell Anderson
  • Time:102 minutes

The Second Chance explores the life of two men. One, the head of a wealthy suburban church, and another, the leader of the inner-city minister. Now, these two pastors come from different backgrounds and need to work together to save the Church.

Although they have a different take on life and their method of dealing, they join forces to help people and save the Church. The movie celebrates the power of faith, friendship, and empathy for people.

The Shack (2017)

Entertainpedia, Movies like War Room
  • Director: Stuart Hazeldine
  • Actors: Sam Worthington, Octavia Spencer, Avraham Aviv Alush, Radha Mitchell, Alice Braga, Graham Greene, Tim McGraw, Sumire Matsubara
  • Time:132 minutes

The Shack is about grieving father Mack Phillips spirals into despair after his youngest daughter’s abduction and murder during a family camping trip. Devastated by the loss, Mack receives a mysterious letter inviting him to the shack where evidence of his daughter’s murder was found. 

He encounters a trio representing the Holy Trinity, who guides him through a transformative journey of forgiveness, healing, and redemption. Mack confronts his deepest pain, fights with his faith, and learns to let go of bitterness.

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