11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Few film genres elicit a wider spectrum of emotions than the war genre. These movies can move audiences to tears and leave a lasting impression, whether they are filled with intense action scenes or moving character dramas.

Peacock, a streaming platform with libraries of great movies offers some of the finest war movies that you can watch right now. There are many unexplored movies that you need to watch which are available on Peacock.

Best War Movies on Peacock


11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Directed by: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Release Year:2004


Rotten Tomatoes:94%

Downfall tells the true story of Adolf Hitler’s later years when he was hiding in an underground bunker as the others approached near. It explores the themes of power, and corruption and explores the psyche of the Hilter and the people around him.

Bruno Ganz’s haunting portrayal is the crux of the movie. The way he intertwines the human and the evil parts of a person is stunning and horrifying. Overall, Downfall is a great achievement in terms of movie-making that provides an unfiltered depiction of one of the darkest periods of the world.


11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Andrew Legge

Released Year:2022


Rotten Tomatoes:65%

This film intertwines the time travel and alternative history elements and takes a fresh approach to telling a story about World War II. The movie’s premise is enough to tickle your imagination and make you hooked on the screen with its mystery and powerful performance. 

It is the best peacock war movie that you must see. It explores the life of two sisters Martha and Thomasina who invert the time machine. The machine can interpret the message from the future. See the movie to know what happens.

Sophie’s Choice

11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Alan J. Pakula

Release Year:1982

IMDb: 7.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes:85%

Critically acclaimed for its acting, writing, and directing, this is one of the finest movies that you can experience. This movie takes your hand into the imaginative world of the writer William Styron and hooks you till the end of the movie. It is a movie about love, redemption, courage, and life. 

The film follows the lives of two people Brooklyn and Sophie who have completely different pasts. The movie depicts two very different worlds: a peaceful, colorful Brooklyn and a Nazi-occupied late 1930s Poland, where the color fades so completely that any more scenes would only be in black and white.

The Best Years of Our Lives

11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: William Wyler

Release Year:1946


Rotten Tomatoes:93%

Directed by William Wyler, The Best Years of Our Lives explores the life of the World War II veteran who returned to their village. Themes like re-adjusting, love, sacrifice, and post-war mindsets are delved through the characters.

This is a deeply moving movie that stays with me long after the credit rolls. The movie duration will feel short after you see the characters talking and expressing their emotion about the war and the impact of war.

The Final Countdown

11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Don Taylor

Released Year:1980 


Rotten Tomatoes:60%

The Final Countdown is one the finest alternative history movies that delve into time travel and its impact on the world which leads to the the attack on Pearl Harbor. It perfectly blends the sci-fi elements and the possible future narrative making it one of the most entertaining and wholesome movie viewing experiences. 

As new and modern aircraft go back in time. Now there are various intriguing events, and character revelations that make a fun to watch so you can watch the best peacock war movies watch


11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Tony Bill

Release Year: 2006 


Rotten Tomatoes:66%

Flyboys is a war drama movie that follows a group of soldiers who are recruited to go to France. The movie tells the real story of how Americans fought in World War I in France before the US entered the war. The aerial fight scenes of the movie are just enthralling and cease to amaze you till the end credit rolls. 

If you are searching for fun action wat movies with over-the-top action, good character study, and history then you can watch this movie and have a great time.


11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Released Year:1964

Director: Cy Endfield


Rotten Tomatoes:91%

Zulu is one of the greatest classic war movies that depicts the Anglo-Zulu War in 1879. It tells the story of 150 British soldiers defending a station. It is an intense, powerful and powerful movie that explores the themes of courage, teamwork, and love for country. 

This movie withstands the test of time in terms of action sequences and cinematography. The visuals are very beautiful depicting the war and turmoil and the characters. It is an action powerful movie that glues you to the screen till the end rolls.

Saints and Soldiers

Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Ryan Little

Released Year:2003


Rotten Tomatoes:77%

It is an enthralling war movie that is inspired by real-life events during World War II. It follows the story of five soldiers who are separated during the war and now must fight for their survival. They are deep into the enemy territory and they have various information that can change the course of history.

This is an exciting powerful and immersive movie that explores the themes of courage, and friendships as they journey through the land of Germany. It is a great war movie on peacock that you must watch right now. 

My Way

Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Kang Je-gyu

Released Date: 2011


Rotten Tomatoes:77%

This South Korean movie is full of action and thriller movies that explore the life of two runners who join forces to fight against the Soviets. It is based on true stories that go into the psyche of the characters and emotional depths and offers a human story full of action sequences. 

It is a great war movie to watch on Peacock. It is visually stunning with great action and thrilling and has an inspiring story that keeps you hooked till the end of the movie. 

There Be Dragons

11 best war movies on Peacock

Director: Roland Joffé

Released Year: 2011 


Rotten Tomatoes: 54%

Directed by Roland Joffé, this historical war movie is set during the Spanish War and follows the story of the soldier and the people around him. The film starts with the journalist who is on his quest to find the past of his father. With each revelation, he is baffled and shocked. 

The suspense element in this movie is neatly packed which packs punches when the revelations occur on the screen. It is a great watch if you want to watch some detective mystery with the backdrop of the war. 

The Eight Hundred

11 Best War Movies on Peacock

Director: Guan Hu

Released Date:2020 

IMDb: 6.7/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 78%

It is a real-life war story that tells the story of the Battle of Shanghai during the Sino-Japanese War. The movie shows every action and decision of the Chinese army to protect the warehouse. Moreover, the battle scenes are stunningly directed that put the audience amidst the chaos of the battle. 

It is a great movie experience. The sheer storytelling and action with great plots in this movie compels you to experience the movie more. 

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