Does Peacock Have Mature Movies?

Does Peacock Have Mature Movies?

Peacock has a library of a variety of movies and series. This OTT platform offers an array of content with different age ratings and different genres of content. 

You can watch various mature content with different genres like thrillers, actions, and others. There are international movies, in different languages that you can enjoy. But you need to meet the minimum age to watch such movies. 

Does Peacock Have Mature Movies?

Yes, Peacock offers an array of mature movies that you can watch the content is appropriate to your age. The peacock also offers features to manage the mature content according to age.

How To Filter Mature Content on Peacock?

Do you want to restrict the mature content? Then Peacock offers various customization settings that you can manage for your children. You can restrict the adult and mature content for your children. 

Peacock offers five different customizations that you can play manage according to the age of your children.

  1. Little Kids: The content that is watchable by all children (TV-Y)
  2. Older Kids: The content that is watchable by & years old or older. (TV-Y7, TV-Y7-FV, TV-G, G)
  3. Family: The content that is watchable with family and appropriate for children. (TV-PG, PG)
  4. Teen: The content that is not right for below 13 years old (TV-14, PG-13)
  5. Adult: The content that is watchable by 18 or plus (TV-MA, R, NR, NC-17)

Here is a step to filter mature content on Peacock

  1. Log in to your Peacock account or create
  2. Click on your profile icon
  3. Select “Account”.
  4. In the Account settings, select “Settings”.
  5. Put “Parental Controls” to “On”.
  6. You can now manage the age restriction that works for you.
  7. After you select age restriction, you can now filter  access to different content 
  8. Create a PIN
  9. Go to the “Parental Controls” section 
  10. Select “Create PIN”, 
  11. Enter the PIN code

How To Block Specific Shows or Movies on Peacock?

There is no way to block the specific content on the Peacock but you can surely filter certain types of content using the inbuilt filters. You can create a Kids profile which automatically filters the content that is listed as mature or adult content. 

Here is a step to set up a Kid Profile

  1. Go to the official website.
  2. Click your profile.
  3. lick the pencil icon on the Existing Kid’s icon 
  4. Choose avatar.
  5. Enter your name
  6. Click Done.

Similarly, you can even create a Kid profile with restricted content. You can customize the content with their 5 different levels of content filtering according to age. Here is a step to change.

  1. Go to the Peacock Official Website
  2. Click your profile.
  3. Click the ‘+’. 
  4. Choose the avatar and then click “No” when they ask if it’s a kid’s profile.
  5. Enter name. 
  6. Click Done.
  7. Click Account in the top right corner.
  8. Choose Settings  
  9. Click on Parental Controls.
  10. Enter the PIN code and click Save Parental PIN.
  11. Click Change TV Rating.
  12. Click Save Parental Rating. 

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