Can You Watch NBA Games on Apple TV?

Can You Watch NBA Games on Apple TV?

Yes, you can easily watch NBA games, post-match interviews, recap, and much more on your Apple TV. There is an NBA official application available on tha Apple TV. You can now download it and you can watch any games through the NBA League Pass.

Along with watching the game, you can also read news, and get a sneak peek of the matches, interviews, and much more in the applications. On top of that NBA: Live Games & Scores app is also available on the App Store which offers to watch live games and videos.

Can You Watch NBA Games on Apple TV?

NBA League Pass

Can You Watch NBA Games on Apple TV?

It is a direct-to-customers subscription model which allows you to watch your desired game on almost any platform. You can subscribe to the NBA League Pass through their official website. You can subscribe to monthly, annual, or event-based plans to watch the game.

NBA League Pass has various features like split screen, screen sharing, and viewing players’ statistics.

  1. Buy an NBA League Pass subscription.
  2. Download NBA App
  3. Sign in with the NBA League Pass
  4. Stream live and on-demand games

Streaming Services

Apart from satellite TV, you can even watch live games through various OTT platforms like Hulu TV, YouTube TV Live, and much more. There are different plans for different OTT platforms.As of right now, DIRECTV STREAM, Sling TV, Fubo, and YouTube TV are the platforms that you can download on your Apple TV and stream.

First, you need to have a subscription to the above-mentioned OTT then only you can watch the live games.

NBA: Live Games & Scores App

Can You Watch NBA Games on Apple TV?

NBA: Live Games & Scores App is an official NBA application that allows users to see live scores and live matches. For this application also, you need to have an NBA League Pass or NBA TV subscription.

How To Download the NBA Application on Your iOS Devices?

  1. Open the App Store on your Apple TV e
  2. Select the Search icon
  3. Search for NBA
  4. Select the NBA
  5. Select ‘Get’
  6. Select Open


Is There a Free Trial for NBA League Pass on Apple TV?

No, there is no mention of the free trial on any official website.

Is NBA: Live Games & Scores App Free To Download?

Yes, it is available free to download on the App Store.

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