Does VidAngel Work With Hulu?

Does VidAngel Work With Hulu?

VidAngel is a streaming service that allows users to filter content from movies and TV shows. Users can apply filters to eliminate or muffle particular components, such as strong language, violence, or nudity, from the content they want to see.

A feature that brings attention to this streaming platform is its ability to censor content, which some users find useful for keeping entertainment more family-friendly. Major studios and content creators, meanwhile, have also filed lawsuits against it, claiming that the service violates copyright laws.

VidAngel was primarily made to function with other streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and others. This streaming platform filters the sex/nudity/immodesty from the movies and series. So, you have to connect this platform to other streaming platforms and watch the filtered content.

But there are various movies and series, that do not show the filter even after you connect this platform. Because of production companies like Disney, Lucas Films, and more companies protesting against the filter, VidAngel does not provide a filter function on certain titles.

The current CEO of this streaming platform said,”…part of that agreement was that we would not filter content from the plaintiff studios or their affiliates—which means the Disney universe (Hulu, HBO, Fox, Newline, Touchstone, Lucasfilm, Searchlight, Marvel) and Warner Brothers. We’re hoping that Disney and its partners have a change of heart.”

Does VidAngel Work With Hulu?

As of now, Hulu is owned by Disney so VidAngel does not work with Hulu. So, if you are wondering if VidAngel works with Hulu then the answer is no. You cannot filter the content. So, you can watch family-friendly content that does not require any filter as such. But you can connect this platform with Prime, AppleTV, and Netflix.

Is There an Alternative to Vidangel for Hulu?

There are two alternatives that we can suggest you use. You can use ClearPlay or Enjoy   Movies Your Way are two of the platforms that provide you options to filter the unwanted offensive or sexual content from the various titles.


ClearPlay provides a content filtering solution aimed at making movie and TV show viewing more family-friendly and customized. As VidAngel, ClearPlay enables users to personalize and exclude particular content aspects, such as language, violence, and mature themes. The streaming services, such as Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Apple TV+, and Netflix, are compatible with the service.

How To Use Clearplay on Hulu?

  1. Open the official website and log in.
  2. Click on Hulu.
  3. Click on the series/movies you want to watch.Does VidAngel Work With Hulu?
  4. Select the filter and now you can watch.Does VidAngel Work With Hulu?

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