Is Baddies West on Hulu?

Is Baddies West on Hulu?

Reality television has been a staple of entertainment for years, offering viewers a glimpse into the lives of individuals navigating various challenges. 

One such captivating series that hit the screens in 2022 is “Baddies West,” a reality TV show executive produced by Natalie Nunn. Baddies West made its debut on the Zeus Network, a platform known for its original and exclusive content. The series features a group of dynamic women collectively known as the Baddies. 

Unfortunately, Baddies West is unavailable on Hulu to watch.

Is Baddies West on Hulu?

Is Baddies West on Hulu?

Executive producer Natalie Nunn brings her unique touch to the show, providing audiences with an unfiltered look into the lives of these women as they embark on a tour bus adventure through the western United States.

The show premiered in 2022 on the Zeus Network, making it an exclusive part of the platform’s original content lineup. “Baddies West” is not available on Hulu, but enthusiasts can catch all the action on the Zeus Network. Additionally, some episodes can be found on YouTube, allowing a wider audience to enjoy the series.

With a total of 14 episodes, “Baddies West” offers viewers a substantial dose of entertainment. Each episode has a runtime of approximately 40-50 minutes, providing a comprehensive look into the lives of the Baddies as they navigate challenges, showcase their talents, and build and test their friendships.

The central theme of the series revolves around the Baddies touring the western United States. As they travel from city to city, the women not only perform at various clubs but also face a myriad of challenges that test their patience and camaraderie. This on-the-road format adds an exciting and dynamic element to the show.

Where Can I Watch Baddies West?

While the Zeus Network stands as the primary platform for “Baddies West,” the show has extended its reach to other platforms, such as YouTube. This move allows a broader audience to catch glimpses of the series, with select episodes available on the popular video-sharing platform. It’s an excellent option for those who may not be Zeus Network subscribers but still want to experience the Baddies’ journey.

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