Is Beer for My Horses on Peacock?

Is Beer for My Horses on Peacock?

No, Beer for My Horses is not available on Peacock. As of now, this comedy movie is not available for streaming on any streaming service. But you can surely rent on various other platforms like Amazon and Apple TV.

Unfortunately, this fun movie is not available on any platform but you can buy it or rent it from any online platforms

Is Beer for My Horses on Peacock?


Starring Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington, this comedy explores the life of two small-town deputies. It is inspired by the song of the same name which tells the story of rescuing the kidnapped girl. 

It is a heartful comedy carried by the comedic duo in which there are various funny cameos and funny scenes with decent plots. The director focuses on the jokes and the one-liners that can make giggle from time to time.  

Can I Rent or Buy Beer for My Horses on Peacock?

Yes, you can rent this movie on Amazon or AppleTV. But the movie is not available in various regions so make sure to check the region also.

Australia: Available for Rent(Apple TV)

Canada:Available for Rent(Apple TV)

USA: Not available

UK:Available for Rent(Apple TV)

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