15 Best Possession Horror Movies

Best Possession Horror Movies

Are you ready to grab your fist? Do nightmares and fear scare you so much that you love it?

Then here, I am suggesting some Horror movies. Characters here are under the possession of DEMONS. Beware!! Some are even based on true stories.15 Best Possession Horror Movies

15 Best Possession Horror Movies


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: James Wan

Writer: Chad Hayes, Carey W. Haye

The Conjuring is the real-life story of the Perron family.

For me, this was a sentimental horror. This story of the Perron family is scary but their battle through suffering hit me at the core.

The story takes place in 1971. The family starts to feel a strange paranormal activity. Two investigators, Ed and Lorrain, have to ensure their safety as the threat rises.

Best scene

Carolyn Perron hears a strange clapping sound from a basement. She uses matchsticks to make her way. When the fire goes out she hears the clapping again. She lights matchsticks again and sees a pair of hands clapping behind her.

Movie Fact

The real Perron’s family visited the movie set.

Cast: Patrick Wilson/Ron Livingston/Lili Taylor/ Vera Farmiga

The Exorcist

Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: William Friedkin

Writer: William Peter Blatty

The Exorcist is one of the best Possession-based horror movies. You know sometimes when you are sleeping alone in your home? Do you remember the horror movie you watched last time? Here is my suggestion. Don’t watch it when you are home alone. I had to call my cousin after watching this movie and we slept with the lights on.

A 12-year-old girl (Regan) is under possession by many demonic characters. Her mother asks for help from the two priests who now try to save her.

Best Scene

The iconic “Spider-Walk”. Regan walks down the stairs with her hands and legs. Her head twists unnaturally with her body facing upward.

Movie Fact

There is a scene in a movie where Regan had to vomit her father on the chest. But by mistake, it hits his face. The reaction to that scene is 100% genuine.

Cast: Ellen Burstyn/Max von Sydow/Linda Blair/Lee J. Cobb


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Scott Derrickson

Writer: Scott Derrickson, Paul Harris Boardman

This is based on a true story. This film is a package of tears if you know the story behind a girl named Emily Rose. You may first do research on Emily Rose before watching this movie.

Priest performs an exorcism on Emily Rose which results in her death. The priest gets arrested in charge of a murder. But nobody wants to believe whatever he is saying is true.

Best Scene

During the exorcism. Emily Rose’s demonic possession starts to reveal their true nature and motives. The use of sound and performance of Jennifer Carpenter is spot on. This scene was where I completely broke down. It was painful and carried emotions.

Movie Fact

Emily Rose’s real-life sound clip is available on other platforms.

Cast: Tom Wilkinson / Shohreh AghDashloo / Laura Linney /Campbell Scott / Jennifer Carpenter



Director: James Wan

Writer: Leigh Whannell

It’s been 13 years since Insidious came out. Does anyone who has watched it know how much they have waited for a good horror film? Insidious is a mixture of mystery, suspense, and thrills. It has fantastic details and weird scenes sometimes. For typical horror genre fans, this is worth it.

Dalton is a young boy who falls into a coma. His family tries to help him. They are unaware of the paranormal forces and stories of the past. They do everything to bring their son back.

Best Scene

When Dalton’s father (Josh Lambert) is exploring the house he sees a couple sitting on a sofa. The male is holding a newspaper and whistling. The Woman next to him is smiling. Another woman is standing in front of them who seems to be their maid. All three look like they are some sort of statue. When Josh gets closer to her, she blinks. This is a numb moment.

Cast: Rose Byrne / Patrick Wilson / Lin Shaye / TY Simpkins



Director: Ari Aster

Writer: Ari Aster

Get out of the box of horror movies you knew till now. Hereditary is a modern art in the horror genre. Ari Aster has added something new to this movie. Go and watch this movie with an open mind. The pacing is great. It’s far from the classic horror. Fresh movie.

Annie’s mentally ill mother passes away. Her family finds different ways to handle their sorrows. Annie and her daughter start having supernatural experiences. These experiences have links to emotional trauma and sins passed down through genetics.

Best Scene

“The attic scene”

When Annie discovers her family photo album. She discovers dark secrets of her family’s past and rituals. Her family connections to the supernatural are revealed.

Movie Fact

Peter’s and Charlie’s moment is like the incident from 2004, in Georgia.

Cast: Toni Collette / Alex Wolff / Gabriel Byrne / Milly Shapiro


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Writer: Stephen King / Stanley Kubrick / Diane Johnson

Best Horror film for me. The portrayal of spirit possession in this film is top-tier. Scarier than walking at midnight. You will find yourself driven by its plot. Even after the movie has ended, some scenes are going to keep your memory for quite a long.

Jack Torrance gets off-season work as a caretaker. He takes his family to an abandoned hotel. Paranormal presence influences the father to become violent. His young son is a psychic who sees the horrors of the past and the future.

Best scene

The best one has to be the “ Here’s Johnny “ scene. Torrance’s hunt for his family is insane. It shows the influence of possession adding anxiety to his family. This scene made Torrance’s possession create an intense environment in the movie.

Movie Fact

This is Stanley Kubrick’s first horror film and it is adapted from Stephen King’s book.

Cast: Jack Nicholson / Danny Lloyd / Philip Stone / Shelley Duvall / Scatman Crothers


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Bornedal

Writer: Juliet Snowden / Stiles White / Leslie Gornstein

My favorite thing from this movie is the performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. It was a great watch. The movie starts slow and for a good cause. The second half is worth waiting for. Don’t get too caught in the pacing of this movie or you will get carried away. I would say it is among the very good possession movies out there. Watch it with patience and it is worth it.

A young girl has a curse after buying an antique box. Inside this box are ancient dark spirits. Her father and her ex-wife try to save the child.

Best Scene

When the young girl has possession of the spirits, her parents try to comfort her. The performance here is excellent. It’s scary and emotional at the same time. It was a shocking revelation. I won’t tell you what it is cause it may ruin your experience. Go and watch this phenomenal possession-based horror movie with patience.

Movie Fact

The movie cast refused to bring the actual ‘dybbuk box’ on the set because they were afraid.

Cast: Natasha Calis / Kyra Sedgwick / Madison Davenport / Jeffrey Dean Morgan


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Ingmar Bergman

Writer: Ingmar Bergman

I thought horror classics were outdated and boring. And I watched ‘The Rite’—a phenomenal movie and direction. There is less overacting like many horror tries to emit. Simple plot, no unnecessary elements, and every character delivers. The last 15 minutes of this movie is a great watch.

Three people are called to court because of pornographic materials. Their relationship is quite complicated. The movie starts to build up tension as interrogation ensues. This causes them to expose their inner sufferings and mental illness.

Best scene

The last 15 minutes of this movie is one of the best in classic horror. When the judge is in a private session with three people, the rite is performed. This starts to get creepy as their possession starts taking a darker form. Finally!! That last scene!!!

Movie Fact

This is a 1969 movie and one of the most-watched Swedish films of all time.

Cast: Anders Ek / Ingrid Thulin / Erik Hell / Ingmar Bergman / Gunnar Bjornstrand


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Daniel Stamm

Writer: Huck Botko / Andrew Gurland

Let me give you an honest review of this film. The movie is satirical. Characters are clever. Two main characters have added a good performance. The ending is somewhat not as expected. Do not think of the ending. You will enjoy this movie throughout.

Marcus performs fake exorcisms and rituals for money. Driven by guilt, he agrees his final exorcism be performed in front of a camera.

Best scene

“ Staged Exorcism turns real “ This was surprising and turns the story on its head. Marcus is performing an exorcism on a young girl (Neil). She gains unnatural strength and an eerie transformation. This shocks the whole crew and even Marcus himself cannot believe it.

Movie Fact

The insurance company refused to cover the Nell exorcism scene if she ran barefoot.

Cast: Patrick Fabian / Irish Bahr / Louis Herthum / Ashley Bell / Tony Bentley


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Justin G. Dyck

Writer: Keiteh Cooper

What a great watch it was. Especially if you are a horror movie lover this is a must-watch. The film is simple yet creepy. After watching, Is it enough to call it a Possession-based horror movie? Yes, but it needs thinking. Pass it to horror movie fans.

An old couple with a satanic nature captured a pregnant woman. The creepy plot is that they want to put their dead grandson’s spirit inside her unborn baby. But things get out of hand as the situation intensifies and takes a horrifying turn.

Best scene

The best part of this movie is its ending. When a pregnant woman looks down at her stomach and holds it by her palm, she realizes her baby is safe. Happy and beautiful ending.

Movie Fact

The movie sold in around 5 minutes. The next day its pre-production started.

Cast: Jilian Richings / Sheila McCarthy / Josh Cruddas / Konstantina Mantelos


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Paco Plaza

Writer: Coral Cruz / Fernando Navarro

They say it is based on a true story! Then, We will need a bodyguard to even go to our basements. Well! I am giving you a Phobia of a real-life possession after watching this horror.

After the death of her father, Veronica, a young girl performs a ritual using an Ouija board. But she gets possessed by a malevolent spirit. Her friends and family now try to save her life.

Best scene

There are many good scenes. One best of them all is in the basement. Veronica and her friend use an Ouija box during a solar eclipse. This scene was scary and emotional given the context of the story.

Movie Fact

This movie is based on a true story

Cast: Sandra Escacena / Claudia Placer / Bruna Gonzalez


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Adam Robitel

Writer: Gavin Heffernan

Another possession-based horror movie on my list. I can’t understand why this has a low rating! “ Found Footage” Masterpiece, with great acting and plot. The way this movie tries to project Alzheimer’s into horror is unique. And yes, there is a treat for you! Great ending!!

An old woman is suffering from Alzheimer’s. A group of cameramen wants to document her situation which she agrees on. But they find her dark and sinister secrets.

Best Scene

The transformation of Deborah Logan stands out for me. It’s not scary like other scenes in the movie. It did set up a grip and tone for the plot. Good performance and is simple.

Movie Fact

“Found Footage” or Documentary style movie

Cast: Anne Ramsey / Michelle Ang / Jill Larson / Brett Gentile

The Evil Dead (1981)

Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Sam Raimi

Writer: Sam Raimi

This is the best Evil Dead version you will find. By today’s standards though, it may be a little underwhelming. But the fact that it had a budget of $376000 is hard to believe. This movie was revolutionary. Great movie and will exceed your expectations.

A group of 5 friends travel to spend their vacation. They discover a book and everyone becomes possessed.

Best scene

There are pretty good moments in Evil Dead to say which scene is best. The unique and memorable, is the tree scene. Cheryl is under attack by the tree. It tries to have forceful sex with her. This scene has left a lasting effect on the horror movie genre.

Movie Fact

During the shooting of the film, more than 13 people slept in the same cabin. Actors were unable to bathe for weeks, fell ill, and lived a dirty life in cold weather. Also, they used furniture to stay warm.

Cast: Bruce Campbell / Ellen Sandweiss / Betsy Baker / Theresa Tilly


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Na Hong-Jin

Writer: Na Hong-Jin

Senseless and Unnecessary horror is not a part of this movie. It has a great plot, a dark and creepy atmosphere, and well-presented horror scenes. A series of twists and a great ending. This needs a second watch or even a third.

A series of ruthless murders take place somewhere in South Korea. To save his daughter, a policeman joins the investigation to find the culprit.

Best scene

When Jong-Joo finally captures “ The Japanese man”, their final confrontation begins. This is not a scary part of the film. But, the suspense and theme explored here are mindblowing. You will leave with more questions than answers after watching this masterpiece.

Movie Fact

The longest take scene in a movie was 15 minutes. Hwang Jung-min filmed the ceremony scene without any breaks.

Cast: Hwang Jung Min / Woo He Chun / Jun Kunimura


Best Possession Horror Movies

Director: Natalie Erica James

Writer: Natalie Erica James

One of the best-possession movies in the last 3 years. Let’s keep horror aside for a while. What about its narrative that shows you about life? Though its first half is quite slow second half starts to get better. Dementia is the heavy core stone of this film. Interesting, simple, and classy.

A Grandmother who is suffering from dementia disappears. Her daughter and granddaughter discover the darker truth in their old rotting house.

Best Scene

It’s hard to describe this slow-burning thriller and what its best moment could be. The ending is great. The scene where three generations of people come together. They face their anxieties and fears.

Movie Fact

Erica James added her own family experience to the story.

Cast: Steve Rogers / Robyn Nevin / Emily Mortimer / Bella Heathcote

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