Best Robert Eggers Movies, Ranked

Best Robert Eggers Movies

The most distinctive figure in modern-day filmmaking who is known for his out-of-the-box storytelling, flawless attention to detail, and taste for darker corners. Robert Eggers has set his standards for world cinema. Some might find Robert Eggers’ way of direction weird. However, with the puzzling and interesting storyline and some mindblowing twists and turns in the story, he has given some of the most decorated movies in Hollywood. 

From haunting visuals to nerve-racking storylines, each Eggers movie is the justification of his powerful and decorated directorial mindset. So let’s dive into this magical world he has created and watch some of the Best Robert Eggers Movies.

Best Robert Eggers Movies

The Witch (2015)

Best Robert Eggers Movies

IMDb: – 7 / 10 

Imagine making a directorial debut with a psychological thriller horror movie and marking one’s presence on a one-of-a-kind filmmaker’s list in Hollywood, difficult, well not for Robert Eggers. The Witch is his directorial debut movie, set in 1630s New England is a worthy psychological thriller movie that offers violence and bloodshed with a horror taste. The historical accuracy shown in the movie was a talk of town among movie buzz. Even the costumes and production design were on top, helping to transport the viewer back in time.

Like other Eggers films which we witness pass the time, The Witch stands its ground on the religion, horror, and thriller from the very start. Robert’s skill is to surround his characters and the plot beautifully in his movie venture. It follows the story of a Puritan family who get kicked out of their village over a religious argument, and later get embroiled in witchcraft, black magic, and a sinful series of events.

Eggers masterfully builds a sense of tension and dread throughout the film. Going very slow to burn that flavor of horror to create a chilling and exciting atmosphere among the viewer.

Movie scenes were shot entirely with natural lights or even lighting candles. The movie cinematography which was led by Jarin Blaschke deserves a standing ovation for bringing that amazing visually appealing look of past England.

Available on: – Netflix, Amazon Prime 

The Lighthouse (2019)

Best Robert Eggers Movies

IMDb: – 7.4 / 10

The Lighthouse is a movie where you can get both excited and scared simultaneously. Robert has gained respect and appreciation after his directorial debut in the movie The Witch. But who knew that it was just a hint of his cinematic finest piece of art? The Lighthouse was his second installment from Eggers’ universe. A psychological horror that was a piece of art in cinema, features a psychedelic drama between two strange men.

Till now lot of cinephiles find it hard to understand the relationship between these two strange men. The narrative showcases the four-week job of two lightkeepers who try to maintain their sanity and remain sane despite their instability and wilderness.

We can see a square screen technique adapted by Eggers that helps to enhance dark corners. The slower pace of the storyline helps to jump into the main theme of the movie which is delirium, fever dreams, feelings of aloness, and wild situations.

The performances of William Dafoe and Robert Pattinson are widely praised for their intensity and commitment to their respective roles. The duo’s portrayal of claustrophobic and insane keepers was exceptional. The heavy background sound helps to create that thrilling atmosphere of a lighthouse around the viewers.

Available on: – Netflix

The Northman (2022)

Best Robert Eggers Movies

IMDb: – 7 / 10 

If there is any confusion about whether Robert Eggers’s directorial style fits perfectly in the historical period drama genre, then I strongly recommend you to watch The Northman. The third installment of Robert’s cinematic universe, The Northman is one of his bold and brutal tales of a Viking prince. Adapted from the legend of Amleth which also is an inspiration behind Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The movie features violent action, horrifying imagery, and a beautiful representation of Viking culture.

The story revolves around Prince Amleth, a headstrong and reckless prince who has vowed to regain his kingdom. His father was brutally killed and his mother was abducted by his ruthless uncle. He develops a mad desire to take an act of revenge on his devil paternal uncle, Fjölnir.

However, the journey takes him through twists that unravel a dark truth about his family. Although this is the center plot of the movie, audiences are continuously introduced to some horrid ways of reaching goals and some violent scenes.

One of his finest and technically strong movies, The Northman stands strong in its amazing cinematography and mind-blowing soundtrack. Although being a perfect movie, the climax and flow of emotion that the audience empathizes with Amleth is very poor. However, this Viking periodic drama lacks in a certain area but it’s worth watching this action-adventure movie.  

Available on: – Amazon Prime

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