18 Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch That You Can Play Right Now

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Unraveling the mystery, decoding the puzzles, and immersing into the enthralling immersive world of mystery games for Switch. From the thrilling detective adventures to the sheer suspenseful games, Switch has a plethora of mystery games that you can enjoy right now.

Explore these mystery games to quench your thirst for the mystery game and have a great time solving the mystery.

18 Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch That You Can Play Right Now

Famicom Detective Club

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Famicon Detective Club consists of four games and all of them are available on the Nintendo Switch. The first game was published in 1988 and the squeals and prequel were published later. Although the game is a little old, the developers rebuilt and applied modern graphics to the game.

 You control a young boy who is investigating the case and gathering information to solve the mystery. In this game, you can use commands like Go, and Ask to interact with the various environments on the game. Similarly, you can interact with characters, ask them for the clues, and decode the spiral mystery. Furthermore, the game designs and the interesting soundtrack coupled with great Japanese voice acting elevated the gameplay.

Danganronpa Series

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Dangonronpa ranks as one of the interesting games to play. With its layered character and eerie atmosphere setting the tone of the game, this game delves into the intricacy of the character of a high school teenager. The Danganropa series has three games in the series and explore the lives of three different high school teenagers.

The gameplay is very interesting. When the demonic robot manipulates teenagers to kill each other, the live one must find the killer and know how they kill. The game consists of six chapters with three sections.

There is a trial section in the game in which the group determines the murderer and discusses how the killer must have been killed. Overall, this game is very replayable and binds you with its mystery and character.

Disco Elysium

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

This role-playing mystery game reprises the fun and thrilling experiences the mystery game offers. It is one of the groundbreaking games. Combining role-play and open-world elements, Disco Elysium is a dialogue-heavy game.

You take on the role of an amnesiac detective unaware of his past. Now, he must find the mystery of his past and conduct detective work. You can move around the character, interact with various characters, get the clue, and sometimes combat also.

Since most of the game revelations and missions are through the dialogue, you must pay attention to each clue and crack the case.

Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

This survival horror game is a master at its storytelling and visual elements. The mystery and the sheer thrill the game packs are enduring and fascinating to play.Fatal Frame: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is praised for its outstanding horror elements, powerful narrative, mystery-solving, and combat.

In this first-person/third-person game, you control the four different characters in different environments. You need to explore the environment, interact with various things, and solve the mystery individually. Similarly, you need the photogenic memory to solve the mystery.

What Remains of Edith Finch

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Winner of the Best Narrative category at both The Game Awards 2017, this game is a treat for anyone who is exploring the mystery game. With the fast-paced narration and easy-to-play gameplay, this game binds you in its hypnotic environment and characters.

You play as Edith who is the last remaining member of the family who explore her own house and explore to find the clue. She discovers the ugly truths and mysteries regarding the death of her relatives.

Because of the short run time, the game feels like a thriller movie. On top of that, with the good narration and gameplay, the game feels very short but very fulfilling.

Steins; Gate Series

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Considered as the tear-inducing game, Stenins takes you into the journey of one of the most immersive games of all time. The compelling visual novel-style storytelling and the mystery surrounding the world and characters capture your attention from the initial moment of the game.

Adopted from the manga of the same name, Steins; Gate is a science fiction horror game that flows a group of scientists that develops the technology to visit the past and create branches. In this game, you spend most time reading the text and solving the mystery.

AI: The Somnium Files

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

AI: The Somnium Files is a thrilling single-person action game set in the dystopian future. This is a part first-person and part third-person game that progresses through the branches of the game and can lead to multiple endings. The game preserves the mystery till the end of the game,e as the reveal is very slow and takes time.  

Step into the shoes of Kaname Date who is solving the mystery of a serial killer shortly in Japan. The gameplay consists of two elements. One is to investigate the world of Tokyo and the other one is to explore the dream world.


Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Gnosia a a thrilling narrative-based visual novel role-playing game with the philosophy of the social deduction game. This game uses the time loop features to make new situations in the game.

Gnosia are entities that are human-like but they get close, manipulate, and then kill the victims one by one. When the crew of the spaceship comes against the deadly Gnosia, they must now gather the information and gather the plan to survive and get rid of Gnosia. Since it is a social deduction game, you need to get information, talk to other characters, and identify the culprits.

The Darkside Detective

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Release in 2018, The Darkside Detective is a point-and-click game that explores the city of Twin Lakes. Praised for its gameplay and gritty atmosphere, this game hooks you from the initial moment of the game and keeps you guessing till the end of the game. This is one of the best mystery games on Steam to play right now.

Grab a hat, and a coat, elevate your sixth sense, and go into the adventure of investigating the mysterious and powerful cases of Twin Lakes. Detective McQueen solves the mystery with ease and with a tint of humor. So, step into his shoes and solve the cases.

Paradise Killer

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

It is an out-and-out immersive story of a detective told as an open-world game. This game captures the essence of mystery in the game and delves into the various settings and adventures to offer fun and sometimes hard times to the players. 

In some pocket universe, powerful aliens are creating the perfect society. They start killing her people. So, set into the shoes of Lady Love Dies and solve the murder, gather files and information, and investigate. Finally, you have to prove your case and find guilty.

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

This is one of the best Visual Novel games that finds the perfect balance between entertainment and sheer horror that keeps you hooked to the game. The graphics of the game are very good with the narration style gameplay.

In this game, the player goes through stories as they unveil the mystery of Sumida. The gameplay revolves around investigations and various quizzes. You can go into various storylines and its branches. Explore the lives of people in the grip of the deadly curses and unravel the mysteries.

Life Is Strange Series

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

From the first installment of the Life is Strange series, this game offers one of the most thrilling and fun times. This graphics adventure game creates an unforgettable character, powerful narrative, and eerie atmosphere to keep you hooked on the game. There are five episodes of the game that you can play right now.

You play as a photography student named Max Caulfield who learns that you can rewind time and change it. But every action has its consequences. The decision and action of the player determines the narrative of the game.

The gameplay is very fun. You can interact with various objects enabling the puzzle-solving elements in the game.

L.A. Noire

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Withstanding the reputation of Rockstar Games, L.A. Noire is one of the most thrilling games you can play on your Nintendo.And best mystery game on Nintendo too. The gameplay, open world, character, and graphics combine to be one of the finest games to play.

It is a third-person game that follows the story of detective Cole Phelps. Now you must step into his shoes and solve the cases, fight the bad guys. In the course of the game, Phelps goes through different department bureaus.

You can also not opt for the mission, roam around the city, and enjoy the open world. But if you are looking for the mystery then you must get into the mission

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy is a chill game that offers mystery and thrill without adding any dark or powerful elements. Rather this Visual Novel game is a courtroom adventure. The gameplay is divided into two parts i.e. investigation and courtroom.

In the investigation part, you gather information and evidence through various characters in the game. Similarly, in the courtroom part, you need to prove the innocence of the client.

You play as a  Phoenix Wright who can go to any length to defend his clients. In this game, there are five cases and they are in order.

Thimbleweed Park

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Although this game runs on the old gameplay as an old graphics adventure, Thimbleweed Park is a great mystery game to play on Nintendo. The old gameplay adds a layer to its mystery and multiplies the thrill and excitement.

You can perform actions through different verb commands. Similarly, you can interact with various objects, and players and use an object to open/manipulate another object in the game.

In this game, two agents named Angela Ray and Alberto Reyes go to Thimbleweed Park to investigate the murder. Now, you must gather information, and data, and conduct a meeting with a person of interest.

Layton’s Mystery Journey

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

Layton’s Mystery Journey is best known for its amazing storytelling, powerful narrative, great character, and immersive gameplay. It is a puzzle-solving game that explores the life of Katrielle and her pursuit to find her father. Her assistant also comes into her enduring mystery-solving adventure.

This game integrates adventure, exploration, and puzzle-based elements in its gameplay. You can explore the world as point-and-click games.

Return of the Obra Dinn

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

The unconventional monochromatic graphics designs rich with visual clues and immersive world-building are one of the best strengths of this game. These factor elevates the game by folds and offers one of the most thrilling and entertaining time. 

Set in 1807, you play an investigator who goes to investigate the missing ship and people on the ship. Now, you must find out what happened to all the souls, who was the killer or where are they if they are still alive.

It is a first-person logic puzzle game that lets the player explore the Obra Dinn. The player is handed the playbook with information about the ship, crew, and other information. 

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark 

Best Mystery Games for Nintendo Switch

The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark is a pixelated graphic novel game packed with mystery, weird characters, and absurd jokes. The pixel art style enhances the gameplay and brings back nostalgia. It is one of the best mystery games to play on your Nintendo now. 

Now, get into the adventure of Twin Lakes and find the culprits, demons, and regular bulgers in the city. No one can run away from McQueen’s eye.

Get into the shoes of the famous McQueen’s shoes and solve the mystery and solve the cases. There are six cases to investigate in this point-and-click game.

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