17 Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

There are many movies that captivate the audience with their moving storytelling and very raw portrayal of human emotions. Call Me by Your Name falls under this category and stands out as one of the finest movies. It celebrated the exploration of love, desire, and self-discovery.

Luca Guadagnino entices the viewers into his imaginative world and lets us explore the characters. The movie is very honest, emotional, and very touching, and it’s one of the finest cinema experiences. 

If you are on a quest to experience a similar cinematic experience as Call Me By Your Name then here is the list of movies that you need to watch right now.

17 Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Moonlight (2016)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

The journey of a homosexual man from a deprived childhood with so much trauma and sadness is very moving, slow, and emotionally fulfilling. The movie sways us with the different phases of a man’s life. This movie feels like a journey and sometimes feels like self-exploration.

Moonlight reflects the struggles and challenges of a character and somehow tends to bind the audience with its alluring visual and masterful writing. This tender coming-of-age movie portrays the beauty of love, pain, romance, and gut-wrenching heartbreak. This film also explores the confusion of sexuality as the call me by your name.

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Blue Is The Warmest Color (2013) is one of the heartbreaking stories that stays with you after the credit rolls. Adèle’s life stays with you, her innocence and her struggle reminds us of your own during our early adult life.

It is the story of Adèle whose life turns upside down when she meets Emma. Emma is a beautiful girl with blue hair. She is young, confident, and very secure about her life. With Emma, Adele explores her desire, her lust, her courage, and her sexuality and finally finds herself. Like Call Be Your Name, Blue Is The Warmest Color encapsulates the emotion of meeting someone new and exploring them.

Carol (2015)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Carol perfectly captures the torments and hardships of gay women in the 1950s. And, it subtly finds a balance in the acting, writing, sound designs, direction, and cinematography and makes us feel a home in the movie. 

The movie follows Therese who encounters a feeling for Carol played by Cate Blanchett. But amidst a society that was not accepting of Queer and Gay, they struggle to become their true self and love freely. Similarly, Carol is a movie that is so realistic and timeless in its narrative and storytelling that it stays with you for a while.

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2019)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (2019) is a living breathing art that encapsulates emotions, love, and romance. This movie feels like every frame is a painting. But with such beautiful visuals, there is a sadness in the frame, in the sound design that grabs you by the hand and intrigues you into the story. 

The movie follows the story of Marianne, a contracted painter to does the portrait of the gorgeous young girl Héloïse. Héloïse is a hesitant bride so Marianne has to make a portrait without her knowing. Marianne observes her and paints her day by day, eventually getting close to her. 

Before Trilogy

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Before trilogy feels like a conversation with your partner. You won’t even know about time, or what is happening in the outside world rather you will be invested in the conversation between Celine and Jesse. In this course of three movies, they will talk about life, death, philosophy, heartbreak, romance, sexuality, and much more.

During the tour of Europe, Jesse asks Celine to get out of the train and explore the city of Greece with him. She says yes and in the span of three movies you will see their love grow, crumble, and how they deal with it.

A Single Man (2009)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

A single man is a painful, beautiful, and absolute portrayal of grief and suffocation. A single man deals with very hard-hitting topics with ease and portrays a character desperate to live but wants to die. It is definitely an Oscar-worthy movie.

George Falconer an English professor is moaning about the sudden death of his wife. It grew difficult for him to live day by day. So, he decides to end his life one evening and plans everything out. But one of his students calls him and asks to spend time with her. After various events, he reconsiders dying and starts to live.

(500) Days of Summer (2009)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

(500) Days of Summer (2009) is not just a normal love comedy. It provides a novel perspective in this genre and perfectly portrays modern romance. It is not a boy who meets a girl and they fall in love rather character confronts challenges, and talks about marriage responsibility, and overall life.

When a young card writer lays his eyes on the new employee named Summer, it all starts. This movie reflects the 500 days of unpredictable, sad, funny, offbeat relationship between them. Like call me by your name, the ending saddens you, makes you go numb.

Brokeback Mountain (2005)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Brokeback Mountain is one of the saddest and most emotional movies to watch. The way the character is portrayed, the emotional life, and the music really make this movie a watch to never forget.

It’s a story about two men Ennis and Jack who are hired to check on the flock of sheep. In this wilderness of Wyoming, these two men get into emotional and physical relationships regardless of society and family. But these men get married to women and they want to keep the relationship without revealing it.

Blue Valentine (2010)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Blue Valentine is a movie that lets you enjoy all the romance, all the subtle love, and the small things about the initial phase of life and hits you with the hard reality of life. It is a tragic love story like call me by your name.

Dean loves Cynthia in the first site. They are happily married with a daughter but the marriage crumbles and emotional turmoil erupts between them. It is one of tha saddest movies that you can watch now.

Once (2007)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Although the production designs of the movie are average don’t let you fool and don’t watch this movie. It’s a movie to adore and to watch to feel better and to feel gravely sad. Once really encapsulates the one-sided love with enthralling and heart-touching music. 

‘Once’ is the story of a bohemian busker who performs in Dublin. One day, lured by captivating music, a flower seller comes to talk to him. Then they bond over the music and they start creating music. But it’s not that simple in romantic movies, is it?

If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) is a very good drama that is beautifully written and directed by Barry Jenkins. The movie is poetic, profound, emotional, and powerful it lets the audience sit back and have a great movie time.

It is a story of a young pregnant girl and her family in the quest to prove her lover. He did not commit a crime that she was sure of it. So, with love and compassion, she fights against people to get her love back. Does she get her man back or does her effort go in vain?

Marriage Story (2019)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Marriage Story is a sad reality about marriage falling apart slowly and gently. How the romance falls and the annoyance aries in the relation. It explores the sad procedure of Divorce and child custody.

Marriage Story is a story about a couple going through a divorce. Charlie and Nicole remember the time when they were happy with each other when they loved each other. But the bridge between them is collapsed so they are on their own and are in divorce procedure.

In The Mood For Love (2000)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

In The Mood For Love is a sexy, stylish, dramatic, slow, and intimate movie. It is the kind of movie that makes you believe in love and want to fall in love. The actors, the director, and the music are class but the editor should be praised more than anyone.

Set in Hong Kong, we see two lonely married people develop love and emotion. It is a slow and captivating movie that explores relationships and explores about isolation, fantasies, love, and emotions.

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

When Harry Met Sally is one of the finest romantic comedies that are timeless, thoughtful, entertaining, and sometimes emotional. The movie flows such that you feel like a character in the movie.

Can men and women be friends? Can Harry and Sally really keep the constant friends even after getting involved emotionally? If you want this answer with humor and subtle storytelling then you need to watch this movie.

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Wes Anderson’s vision and style of filmmaking is very sweet yet packs so much depth. In this movie, Wes really demonstrates the teenage love. The presents this love with these two little kids who are frustrated with their family and want adventure in life so they run away.

In this movie, Sam and Suzy fall in love and envelope. But a wild storm is coming so parents, police, and scout team must find the innocent 12 years olds.

Happy Together (1997)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Happy Together is a bittersweet movie romantic drama that explores the themes of self-searching, love, sexuality, and much more. Comprised of amazing actors, brilliant screenplay, and great direction by Wong Kar Wai, this movie influences you on a deeper level.

Yiu Fai and Po Wing travel to Argentina and take a road trip. There is no spark in their relationship now so the relationship crumble. But Po comes into ‘You’ life again. But will they rekindle their love or not? Watch this movie 

Wild Reeds (1994)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

Wild Reeds is a story about the honest and very real events in the life of a college boy. There is no Nothing big happens rather movie flows slowly depicting the raw emotions. It is a semibiographical movie about the final year of Andre Techine’s final year of college life.

The story follows the life of Teenagers Maïte and François post the Algerian war. François has emotions for Serge but Serge is attracted to Maïte. But Maïte is more enticed to politics and there is Henri who opposes the view of Maïte. So, watch these college boys entangled by emotions and tension. 

Your Name Engraved Herein (2020)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

The movie is as poetic as the title of the movie is. But the sadness, the struggle, the societal injustice, courage, and self-exploration are depicted very slowly and real. It is the movie that stays with you and impacts you.

It is a story of two young men who are struggling to accept their feelings for each other against society’s values and thoughts on homosexuality in early 80’s Taiwan. One pushes away as he shows off he is pretending to be in love with a girl in school. And one, confesses to the father about his homosexuality. 

You this move as it subtly unfolds one of the finest love stories.

 Me and Earl and the Dying Girl (2015)

Movies Like Call Me By Your Name

It is a sweet movie about friendship, loss, love, and finding oneself in college life. It is about friendship with a borrowed time as one is suffering from cancer. But to make the last days better, one’s attempt to make another life better and more memorable.

When Greg has to befriend leukemia leukemia-diagnosed girl against his will, the world turns upside down. He learns to live through her, he knows the importance of love and compassion. But will the friendship withstand? Will she survive?

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