20 Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Have you finished your turkey? Staying inside your house, cozy winter outside, nothing to do, feeling bored, not to worry it’s time to watch some movies.

Let’s add a splash of fun to your Thanksgiving feast. Gear up for a ride to dive into the search for some heartwarming movies that could uplift your holiday spirit.

Best Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Mr. Beans Holiday (2007)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

“Mr.Beans Holiday”, is a movie that can gather all family members and spread laughter through its comedic and heartwarming nature. The masterful portrayal of legend Rowan Atkinson is a delight to watch. 

The movie showcases the journey of Mr. Bean as he travels from London to the south of France. But as we know Mr.Bean, things don’t go according to his plan. He encounters various situations even getting mixed up in kidnapping. The movie is all about comedy, simplicity, and family-friendly viewing making it a perfect holiday material.

Christmas With You (2022)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

A Rom-com movie with a holiday theme is a combination made in heaven. “Christmas With You” is an American feel-good Rom-Com movie about a Pop star running on a quest for success and inspiration in life. Having a consistent plot, solid script, and smooth delivery it has a pretty perfect screen presence.  

White Christmas (1954)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Thanksgiving is all about winter, Christmas, and happiness. Well, you can find all these things in the musical comedy movie “White Christmas”. The movie is set in the era after World War II. There is for sure plenty of singing and dancing in the movie. But it has a heartwarming storyline that showcases love and togetherness during holidays.   

The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

The feeling of togetherness and love is all that we feel while Thanksgiving is at the corner. “The Knight Before Christmas” is a Rom-Com movie listed in our list for its festive theme and feel-good nature. The story revolves around a kind and modern high school teacher who is surprised after meeting a 14th-century knight at her doorstep. The movie focuses on the magic of Christmas and the importance of love during the holiday season.   

Like Father (2018)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

What more do you want than a perfect comedy movie for your holiday? “Like Father” a comedy-drama movie is the best choice for your Thanksgiving watch list. Showcasing the true meaning and importance of family, relationships, and personal growth the movie is worth watching. The story revolves around a girl who was left at her alter on her wedding day all alone. Following some crazy unexpected events, she finds herself at her honeymoon curies with her alienated father.

Paul Blart: Mall Cop (2009)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

After football and turkey, the next best thing when Thanksgiving is around is definitely intense Black Friday. Image at Balck Friday you are in a mall and all of sudden you encounter yourself in a hostage situation. “Mall Cop” is a family-friendly comedy movie that provides a mixture of physical comedy with a classic underdog story. 

The movie showcases the story of a Mall security guard who finds himself in an unexpected and comedic situation. Despite having an unassuming nature he became a hero while solving the chaos at occurs in the first place.

Love in the Villa (2022)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

You are on your dream trip, booking your dream villa to spend some of the best times of your life, only to know that you have to share your time with someone complete stranger. “Love in the Villa” is a Rom-Com drama movie based on the importance of relationships and love. The movie is known for showcasing some of the stunning views and the romantic emotion that Verona, Italy has. This one is an easy go-to movie to watch with your partner in the holidays.

Midnight At the Magnolia (2020)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Love for Rom-Com, especially during the holiday season burst out unexpectedly. “Midnight at the Magnolia” is a romantic comedy movie that blends romance with humor. The story revolves around two friends who decide to pretend to be a couple in order to boost their ratings on a radio show. They encounter the challenges of faking their relationship and start to surface deep feelings for each other. The movie is a potentially enjoyable choice for a perfect movie night at Thanksgiving.

A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

A perfect holiday musical movie is something that must not be left behind when making your watch list at Thanksgiving time. “A Very Murray Christmas” is a perfect holiday musical music stars legendary Bill Murray himself. The story revolves around Murray himself who is all set to host a Christmas special show. But due to some unexpected event, all his guests were unable to attend. It is a perfect movie who want to laugh after having a desire for a turkey. 

Home (2015)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

When we think about holidays the first thing to come to our mind is home, and family get together. An animated sci-fi comedy movie “Home” is a family-friendly movie that showcases the desire to go home, friendship, and understanding. The story revolves around a misfit alien who comes to Earth in order to escape his enemy and develop a sweet friendship with a girl named Tip. Together they embark on a journey to find Tip’s mother and save Earth. It is a perfect movie to watch at Thanksgiving that your whole family can enjoy.

The Holiday Calendar (2018)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Do you believe in magic? “The Holiday Calendar” is a romantic comedy movie that is the best fit for you in this holiday season. The movie stands out for its theme of love and magic with a desire for self-discovery. The plot revolves around a struggling photographer who receives an antique Christmas calendar from her grandfather. She found out that the item inside the calendar helps her to predict future events in her life. Don’t forget to witness the magic, who knows you might encounter some magic this holiday yourself.

Yes Day (2021)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Imagine a day when kids are in control and no matter what they say, they request, or they want, parents just have to say yes. A pitch-perfect day. “Yes Day” is a perfect family comedy movie that you can enjoy with your family at this holiday time. Having perfect comedic elements and a family theme it has a balance of humor with a message of trust and understanding.   

Otherhood (2019)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Being a mother is a tough thing. But what happens when a mother goes on a quest to seek love and appreciation from her child? “Otherhood” is a comedy drama movie that showcases a relationship between a mother and her child. 

The story revolves around three longtime friends who now are mothers. They felt neglected by their sons who grew distant from them. If you are searching for a movie that explores the importance of relationships and self-discovery then you hit a jackpot with this one.     

This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Were you expecting a movie to be a Thanksgiving favorite that starts with a funeral, well I guess you weren’t. But “This is Where I Leave You” is a perfect Thanksgiving movie. This comedy-drama movie is known to showcase the twisted relationship between siblings and parents.

The plot revolves around four siblings who return to their childhood home with their mother for a week-long mourning period. While staying together they uncovered hidden old wounds from their past and tried to reconstruct their relationship. 

The Willoughbys (2020)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

The feeling of togetherness and love is what unites us with our family at Thanksgiving. But if you have to go on an adventure to create your own family. The hustle is on. “The Willoughbys” is an animated family-friendly comedy movie that is a perfect choice to watch during this holiday season. The story of four siblings in a quest to create their own family in search of love and togetherness with a touch of holiday theme is what this movie provides.

The Princess Switch (2018)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

A rom-com family movie “The Princess Switch” is best known for its romantic comedy and festive setting. It‘s a must-to-be-watched movie this Thanksgiving. The story of a Chicago baker who has an identical twin sister who decides to change their role for a short period of time. If you are looking to add movies to your holiday lineup, I recommend you to watch this movie.  

Enola Holmes (2020)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Have you grabbed your cozy winter blanket? If not do so, because a mystery movie is on its way. “Enola Holmes” a mystery crime movie known for its adventure and humor showcases a Holmes family dispute. 

The plot revolves around Enola Holmes who discovers her mother is missing and goes on an expedition to find her mother. Embarking on a challenging journey to London facing different mysteries she shows her true intelligence and independent spirit.  

Murder Mystery (2019)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Comedy mixed with mystery is what we all cinephiles want to see on a bigger screen. A perfect comedy mystery movie starring legendary duo Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston is full of slapstick comedy with a mystery touch. The story of a couple who embark on a long-awaited trip takes an unexpected turn when a murder happens. If you are having a movie marathon then I suggest you add this one to your watch list. 

Holidate (2020)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

A perfect movie to add to your Thanksgiving watch list “Holidate” is a rom-com known for its humor. The story revolves around two individuals who are tired of being single during holidays. They come up with the amazing idea of being each other “Holidate”. For sure you cannot forget this romantic comedy. The chemistry between the leads was on point making it more interesting to watch. Those holidays and relatable themes used in the movie make it a perfect fit for this list.     

Blue Miracle (2021)

Thanksgiving Movies on Netflix

Based on the true story of Casa Hogar. “Blue Miracle” is a drama movie that showcases the story of a group of orphan boys trying to save their orphanage by entering a moneymaking fishing competition.

The character development and underdog storyline is something that we witness in this movie that will definitely make you a fan of Julio Quintana. I bet you the moment when team Casa tries to hook the blue Marlin you would pray to god for their success.    

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