15 TV Series Like Family Guy

TV Series Like Family Guy

Family Guy is an adult humor animated series that follows the lives of the Griffin family, featuring political satire, sarcasm, and a mix of slapstick humor and social commentary. 

Are you a fan of the ridiculous comedic animated sitcom universe? Then the TV series Family Guy might be familiar to you. The show is all about family and is filled with slapstick comedy and humor.

if you’re looking for more TV series like Family Guy, there are plenty of options to choose from. These shows offer a similar blend of humor, animation, and storytelling that fans of Family Guy are sure to enjoy. So, grab your remote and get ready to laugh!

TV Series Like Family Guy

American Dad! (2005 – )

TV series like family guy

An animated sitcom that matches the Family Guy vibes has to be American Dad! The same brain behind both series, Seth Macflares is known for his irreverent and sarcastic commentary on American culture. It is a delight to watch.

The story revolves around the Smith family and their crazy routine. The mischief journey of an eccentric CIA agent Stan Smith showcasing his patriotic but misguided effort to protect his family and country. Those colorful and visually artistic animated styles and characters are based on the imagination of Macflare’s beautiful mind.

Its unique character, comedic approach, and storyline are quite similar to Family Guy. If you are a fan of one series you might enjoy another for sure.

The Simpsons (1989 – )

TV Series Like Family Guy

Longest-running American TV show, featuring a sarcastic portrayal of middle-class families and challenges faced in American society. The Simpsons is a cult classic sitcom that became a trendsetter for various other TV shows. Created by Matt Groening, it is known for its comedy, character, and sarcasm on society.

The show’s story revolves around the family from Springfield and their daily routine and encounters with problems. It is widely known for poking fun at society, politics and culture. The iconic character of Homer is still one of the most loved and followed characters in TV series. Iconic dialogues, clever wordplay, and some of the popular phrases even used by today’s Genz make this show the longest and most loved.     

The Cleveland Show ( 2009 – 2013)

TV Series Like Family Guy

Having a spin-off of an animated comedy sitcom is what we all telephone loved. The show revolves around the most adorable family of Cleveland Brown where Cleveland and his son move to Stoolbend, Virginia. 

With the same comedic approach and a lot of the same voices seen and heard in Family Guy, this show is a complete treat for a sitcom lover. What is more delightful to watch is the same sarcastic viewpoint on both shows. How a real-world problem is addressed through a comedic lens with the trademark animation style of Macflares makes it a beautiful show. 

Futurama (1999 – )

TV Series Like Family Guy

The comedic and satirical approach mixed with sci-fi is a real treat for all age group viewers. The beautiful mind of Matt Groening and his style to poke various fields for fun are outstanding.

The quite different and unique premise shown in the show is rarely witnessed in a comedy sitcom. It is set in the 31st century showcasing the adventures of a delivery boy who accidentally freezes himself and woke after a very long year. This series’s out-of-the-box sense of humor is often compared with the family guy.

Sitcoms like Family Guy succeed in developing a strong cult follower. You won’t believe Futurama has also created the same craze among the fans over a year. Clever writing and unique characters are some of the strong points that helped it to create such a craze. If you are looking for a TV series like Family Guy, Futurama is the best choice to watch.

Beavis And Butthead (1993- )

TV Series Like Family Guy

If you are a huge Family Guy fan, you might have noticed that a lot of scenes in the series revolve around Peter and his family sitting in the living room, watching TV shows and commenting on them. What will be your response if I tell you that this is the whole premise of this 90’s iconic sitcom Beavis and Butthead? 

Created by the master of his class Mike Judge, the story revolves around two young boys who are heavy metal lovers, and socially awkward who provide a sarcastic take on teen life and popular culture.

South Park (1998 – )

TV Series Like Family Guy

Not only me, but even the show creators think that South Park is often compared with Family Guy. That might be why they did the whole episode dissing Family Guy and expressed their hate for this comparison. Created by the ultimate duo Trey Parker and Matt Stone, it is widely known for its dark comedy and sarcastic point of view and some amazing animation style. 

Big Mouth (2017 – )

TV Series Like Family Guy

Your favorite cartoon character is struggling in his pubescences period. Two monsters are troubling him one physical and another mental. Somewhat different but interesting premise to see. This is the premise of Netflix’s premiered show Big Mouth created by Nick Kroll, Andrew Goldberg, Mark Levin, and Jennifer Flackett.

Stick to its humor, sarcastic approach, and taboo subject this show has its known fan base. Matching the same vibe of Family Guy in comedy, dynamic characters, society, and adult problems I recommend you to have a look at this show.

Paradise PD (2018 – 2022)

TV Series Like Family Guy

An animated comedy sitcom about cops is really fun to watch when you are in your lows. Created by duo Waco O’Guin and Roger Black, Paradise PD is premiered on Netflix. The show has received positive reviews from viewers, having strong content focused on comedy, animated style, and sarcastic take on society.

The show revolves around the fictional city Paradise, where the police force is known for its incompetence and foolishness. The officers are bad, so bad that they are not in their proper sense, a dysfunctional police department. Trying to maintain law and order in the town by following some of the most hilarious ways. The show left no stone unturned to tackle the comedic lens.

Although it has its unique approach to comedy and animation style. This series is often compared to the Family Guy. if you are looking for some changes, Paradise PD is the answer.

Bob’s Burgers (2011– )

TV Series Like Family Guy

A family running a hamburger restaurant, finding trouble making it a hit. The family encounters a wave of events creating some off-the-beat humor. Have to say, quite an interesting approach to present family comedy. Bob’s Burgers an animated comedy sitcom, created by Loren Bouchard, is widely known for its character, offbeat humor, and way of presenting family dynamics. 

The comedic timing is one of my favorite that you can witness in the show. Followed by some clever wordplay and absurd situations. It showcases the relationship between family members and portrays how quirky they are from an individual point of view. This might be the best choice if you are looking for a TV series like Family Guy. 

Rick & Morty (2013– )

TV Series Like Family Guy

An abnormal and alcoholic scientist having a kind heart finds himself stuck in domestic life and interdimensional adventure. An amazing premise for this sitcom created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon is an animated sci-fi show. 

Having a very strong fan base and dedicated followers, this sitcom is considered a cult classic. Displaying some of the best dark humor, and focusing on its narratives you can witness some of the best wow moments in the show. Poking on American culture and its funny approach to various social problems it’s a delight to watch as a viewer.

BoJack Horseman (2014–2020)

TV Series Like Family Guy

An adult animated comedy sitcom created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, BoJack Horseman is filled with some genuinely comedic moments. Story of a humanoid horse who is on a quest for a comeback after his show was canceled. BoJack Horseman provides some of the bone-tickling funny moments. You can find darker humor in the show and the subject on which it is focused, but if you are here for some laughter you can find it in huge quantity.

Although the theme and style are completely different then Family Guy, if we look at things comedy-wise, animation-wise, and satirical elements both shows share the same quality. So if you want to choose to watch some TV series like Family Guy, BoJack Horseman might be the best choice.

F Is For Family (2015–2021)

TV Series Like Family Guy

Are you a fan of Bill Burr and his standup comedy? If you are and have listened to his standup then you’re very familiar with this show and its funny oneliner. Created by Bill Burr and Michael Price it’s a comedy animated sitcom that showcases the life of a  Murphy family in the ’70s.

The show provides comedy by displaying the struggle of a middle-class family and workplace chaos. It has a dark humor which explores the frustration of a family. Targeted at the same audience with the same theme, both the show has its uniqueness. 

From martial stuff to paternal issues, every aspect of a middle-class family is addressed at the show. The layering of understanding and emotions is balanced and present with ease. Are you willing to witness the madness of the ’70s? Well F is for Family is all yours.

Archer (2009 – )

TV Series Like Family Guy

The spy theme blends with humor and amazing storytelling is what we all telephone lovers want to see in sitcoms. Created by the talented and amazing mind of Adam Reed, this show has gained a dedicated fan base and appreciation from critics.

Almost many comedy animated sitcoms are known for their sarcastic take on society and culture. But Archer is a bit different, taking a sarcastic dive into the spy genre. Targeted at adult viewers this show is filled with dark themes and humor.  

Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000–2015)

TV Series Like Family Guy

We all loved watching cartoons and TV shows in the early 2000s on Cartoon Network. And all the madness was centered on one show which was Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Created by the ultimate duo Dave Willis and Matt Maiellaro, Aqua Teen Hunger Force is known for its humor and unique characters. The unique theme and animation style makes it distinct from many animated sitcoms.

The show’s story revolves around three main characters who are a lazy milkshake, an intelligence box of fries, and a loveable meatball. This unique approach of character and storyline thinking was not seen at that time and adding a cherry on top, humor was out of the box making the show intent hit. Those quick paces and heavy-joke storytelling were also seen in Family Guy resulting in matching the same vibe of the show. 

Disenchantment (2018–2023)

TV Series Like Family Guy

Matt Groening is a genius when it comes to creating an animated comedy sitcom. Adding this next project to his wonder list, Disenchantment is a popular sitcom show praised by critics and viewers for its unique pick on the subject and fascinating storyline.

The story revolves around a princess of the medieval kingdom of Dreamland. The adventure follows many twists and turns where the princess challenges all the royal responsibilities and breaks conventions. If you are a fan of animated comedies that has sarcastic and different storyline then you might find this enjoyable. Having the same taste in humor, character, and fantasy this show is the best alternative TV series like Family Guy.    

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