19 Movies Like Ready or Not

Movies Like Ready or Not

Ready or Not, the 2019 action-comedy-horror film, spins a twisted tale around a newlywed woman ensnared in a lethal game of survival with her unconventional in-laws. Its dark humor, gripping storyline, and the bizarre concept of a lethal game night have entranced audiences worldwide.

Whether you’re a fan of psychological thrillers, horror with a twist, or suspenseful mysteries, these handpicked recommendations promise to keep you at the edge of your seat, just like Ready or Not did

Movies Like Ready or Not

Get Out

Movies Like Ready or Not

Get Out, directed by Jordan Peele, is a groundbreaking psychological thriller that transcends typical genre boundaries. Released in 2017, this film stunned audiences with its thought-provoking narrative, social commentary, and expertly crafted suspense.

What starts as subtle unease quickly escalates into a series of disturbing events, uncovering the Armitage family’s sinister intentions. Through its gripping storyline, this movie cleverly exposes the insidious nature of racism, cultural appropriation, and societal prejudices.

For those who enjoyed the intense suspense and underlying social commentary found in Ready or Not, Get Out offers a similarly gripping experience. Both movies delve into unexpected twists and psychological tension, captivating audiences with their unique storytelling and thought-provoking themes.

Truth or Dare

Movies Like Ready or Not

Truth or Dare is a spine-tingling horror-thriller released in 2018, directed by Jeff Wadlow. The story revolves around a group of friends who embark on a seemingly innocent game of truth or dare while vacationing in Mexico. However, this seemingly harmless game takes a dark turn when they realize that refusing to play or telling lies leads to deadly consequences.

Much like “Ready or Not,” the movie keeps audiences at the edge of their seats with its suspenseful storytelling, unexpected plot twists, and intense moments that keep pulses racing. Both films offer a thrilling mix of horror and suspense, captivating viewers with their unpredictable narratives and adrenaline-inducing sequences.


Movies Like Ready or Not

Directed by Ari Aster, Midsommar (2019) presents a mesmerizing yet unsettling tale that follows Dani, portrayed by Florence Pugh, as she joins her boyfriend and his friends on a journey to a remote Swedish village for a midsummer festival. What begins as a seemingly picturesque celebration soon takes a dark and disturbing turn, unraveling a web of rituals and horror amidst the striking Scandinavian landscapes.

Immerse yourself in the haunting atmospheres, emotionally charged narratives, and spine-tingling suspense that these films offer, mirroring the gripping allure of Ready or Not.

Game Night

Movies Like Ready or Not

Game Night is a dynamic and humorous thriller that follows a couple, Max and Annie, played by Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, who regularly host game nights with friends. Their routine takes an unexpected turn when Max’s brother, Brooks, arranges an interactive murder mystery game that spirals into an actual night of danger and intrigue.

Much like the adrenaline-fueled intensity of Ready or Not, this movie is a rollercoaster ride of unexpected twists and turns. Similarly, this fun movie seamlessly weaves thrilling sequences with comedic moments, offering a unique and entertaining experience for audiences. The film’s witty dialogue, clever plot twists, and charismatic performances create an engrossing narrative that keeps viewers hooked until the final reveal.

You’re Next

Movies Like Ready or Not

You’re Next is a gripping home invasion thriller directed by Adam Wingard that follows a family reunion turning into a nightmare when masked assailants target them. Similar to the gripping tension in “Ready or Not,” this film delivers an adrenaline-fueled rollercoaster as the family fights for survival against unexpected assailants.

Moreover, the films share thematic similarities, delving into the unexpected chaos that unfolds during what should have been joyous occasions. In Ready or Not, a wedding celebration takes a sinister turn, while in You’re Next, a family gathering becomes a battleground for survival against masked intruders.

The Game

Movies Like Ready or Not

The Game is a mesmerizing psychological thriller directed by David Fincher, centered around Nicholas Van Orton, portrayed by Michael Douglas, a wealthy banker who enters a mysterious game offered by a secretive company. 

The films share an atmosphere of palpable tension and mystery, as characters navigate through a maze of uncertainties and unknown adversaries. In Ready or Not, a deadly game unfolds during a wedding celebration, while in The Game, the protagonist finds himself immersed in a clandestine gaming experience that spirals into a perilous journey.

Dont Breathe

Movies Like Ready or Not

Don’t Breathe is a heart-pounding home invasion thriller directed by Fede Alvarez, centering on a group of young burglars who break into the home of a blind veteran in search of a substantial fortune. This film presents an intense cat-and-mouse game as the invaders realize they’ve underestimated their blind target, leading to a desperate fight for survival within the confines of the dark and claustrophobic house.

Both of the movies share an atmosphere of palpable tension and gripping suspense. In Ready or Not, a newlywed bride becomes the target of a deadly game, while in Don’t Breathe, the home invaders find themselves trapped in a relentless pursuit, fighting to survive against an unexpectedly dangerous homeowner.

The Invitation

Movies Like Ready or Not

Directed by Karyn Kusama, The Invitation follows Will, portrayed by Logan Marshall-Green, who attends a dinner party hosted by his ex-wife Eden and her new husband David. As the evening unfolds, Will becomes increasingly suspicious of the hosts’ intentions, suspecting a sinister motive behind the seemingly innocent gathering.

The Invitation crafts an immersive narrative, gradually unraveling Will’s paranoia and skepticism. The film expertly navigates themes of trust, trauma, and psychological unease, engaging audiences in a relentless exploration of hidden motives and human behavior.

Both movies captivate viewers with their gripping storytelling and a gradual build-up of suspense, leaving audiences on edge as they navigate through the intricacies of relationships and the unpredictability of human nature


Movies Like Ready or Not

Directed by Jordan Peele, US follows the Wilson family as they encounter eerie doppelgängers of themselves while vacationing. The film gradually unravels a sinister mystery, delving into themes of duality, fear, and the unknown, akin to the intriguing uncertainties in Ready or Not.

Similar to the atmospheric tension and enigmatic storytelling in Ready or Not, US crafts an immersive narrative that keeps viewers on edge, exploring the complexities of human nature and the depths of psychological terror. Both films engage audiences with a relentless sense of unease and unforeseen revelations, creating an atmosphere ripe with suspense and gripping storytelling.


Movies Like Ready or Not

Barbarian is a 2022 horror film directed by Zach Cregger, which presents a nerve-jolting journey of suspense and unexpected twists. The plot revolves around Tess, portrayed by Georgina Campbell, who, after arriving at an Airbnb rental in Detroit for a job interview, encounters a double booking. Despite the mix-up, she chooses to stay, unleashing a series of chilling events with an unexpected antagonist.

Both films immerse audiences in gripping tales featuring unforeseen twists and turns that heighten suspense and keep viewers guessing. Similarly, Utilizing confined spaces, both Barbarian and Ready or Not induce tension, trapping viewers within an unsettling atmosphere that intensifies the horror.

The Hunt

Movies Like Ready or Not

Directed by Craig Zobel, The Hunt follows a group of strangers who find themselves being hunted for sport by a group of wealthy individuals. Much like the intense and unpredictable narrative in Ready or Not, this film crafts an immersive storyline that delves into themes of survival, deception, and the human instinct to fight back against adversaries.

Both The Hunt and Ready or Not captivate audiences with their relentless pace, unexpected plot developments, and a sense of imminent danger lurking within the characters’ interactions. 

The Invisible Man

Movies Like Ready or Not

Directed by Leigh Whannell, The Invisible Man delves into the story of Cecilia Kass, played by Elisabeth Moss, who escapes an abusive relationship with a wealthy and brilliant scientist. However, Cecilia’s torment intensifies when she suspects that her ex-partner has found a way to become invisible, haunting her life with unseen threats. 

The Invisible Man and Ready or Not captivate audiences with their relentless pacing, unexpected plot developments, and a sense of imminent danger lurking within the storyline. While Ready or Not revolves around a deadly game entangled with familial secrets, The Invisible Man explores Cecilia’s harrowing ordeal of being terrorized by an invisible adversary.

Promising Young Woman

Movies Like Ready or Not

Promising Young Woman is a thought-provoking and audacious thriller directed by Emerald Fennell that delves into the complexities of trauma, vengeance, and societal perceptions. The film centers around Cassie, a young woman haunted by a tragic event in her past that led her to abandon her promising career. Cassie embarks on a covert mission to confront and expose the predatory behavior of men who take advantage of seemingly intoxicated women.

This movie and Ready or Not delve into dark and unsettling themes, including societal expectations, justice, and personal trauma. Movies offer a social commentary on relevant issues, challenging perceptions and addressing pertinent societal concerns.


Movies Like Ready or Not

FREAKY, directed by Christopher Landon, is a thrilling and comedic take on the classic body-swap trope, injecting it with horror elements that resonate with audiences seeking a unique blend of scares and laughs.

The film expertly blends horror and humor, delivering genuine scares alongside hilarious moments of awkwardness and dark comedy. Kathryn Newton and Vince Vaughn’s performances stand out, showcasing their ability to convincingly portray each other’s characters, adding depth and hilarity to the body-swapping premise.

FREAKY masterfully balances horror with humor, providing thrilling and comedic elements that keep viewers engaged throughout the storyline just like Ready or Not


Movies Like Ready or Not

The film revolves around Maddie Young, a deaf and mute writer living an isolated life in a remote forest cabin. Maddie’s tranquility shatters when a masked intruder begins stalking her, setting the stage for a high-stakes game of survival.

The film keeps viewers on edge as Maddie navigates perilous situations, creating an atmosphere brimming with suspense and tension. Moreover, both films showcase resourceful protagonists—Maddie in HusH and the characters in Ready or Not—who confront their adversaries using resilience, wit, and determination, adding depth and relatability to their characters.

The ingenious cat-and-mouse dynamics prevalent in this movie draw parallels to the survival thrill witnessed in Ready or Not.

Funny Games

Movies Like Ready or Not

In this psychological thriller, two sadistic young men, Peter and Paul, intrude upon a family’s vacation home, subjecting them to a nightmarish ordeal of mind games and violence. The unrelenting psychological torment and theme of home invasion draw a parallel to the tension and unnerving atmosphere 

These movies delve into the harrowing theme of home invasion, showcasing the psychological terror inflicted upon unsuspecting victims. This shared theme creates a palpable sense of dread and helplessness, gripping the audience’s attention with suspenseful narratives.

The Rental 

Movies Like Ready or Not

The Rental is a tense and gripping thriller directed by Dave Franco that revolves around two couples who rent a vacation home for a weekend getaway, only to uncover disturbing secrets lurking within the property. 

Both films adeptly cultivate an atmosphere steeped in suspicion and paranoia. They skillfully play on the characters’ unease and mistrust, building a palpable sense of tension and foreboding, effectively keeping audiences on edge. Similarly, employing thrilling cat-and-mouse dynamics, The Rental echoes the suspenseful pursuits witnessed in Ready or Not.


Movies Like Ready or Not

MA, directed by Tate Taylor, is a psychological thriller that subverts expectations, diving deep into the psyche of its protagonist, portrayed brilliantly by Octavia Spencer. The film’s exploration of social dynamics, psychological manipulation, and underlying trauma 

MA and Ready or Not explore the complexities of trust and deception. They showcase characters navigating a labyrinth of secrets and unexpected revelations, highlighting the fragility of trust amidst hidden agendas.

The Cabin in the Woods

Movies Like Ready or Not

The movie follows a group of college friends who embark on a remote cabin retreat for a weekend getaway. As they arrive and settle in, eerie occurrences begin, leading to terrifying discoveries that unravel the fabric of their reality. What sets this film apart is its unique approach to the horror genre, cleverly deconstructing and subverting established tropes to deliver an unexpected and exhilarating narrative.

Similar to Ready or Not, The Cabin in the Woods challenges audience expectations by playing with established horror conventions. It skillfully toys with familiar tropes, injecting self-awareness into the storyline to deliver an engaging and meta-textual commentary on the horror genre.